LM Flooring Bentley

LM Flooring Bentley
The LM Flooring Bentley hardwood collection is nothing short of luxurious. The hardwood of this selection is elegant and stylish beautifully crafted and an abundance of colors to choose from, this collection will fit any type of commercial or residential space whether its contemporary or traditional.

This hardwood selection boasts a number of assorted colors for you to choose from with a grand total of 14 options for you to choose from. There is the LM Bentley White Oak Coffee Brown, which is a standard coffee brown color with dark brown etched in graining. Tinges of tan can be found here and there, adding to the worn aspect of the wood. Its counterpart, Oak Coffee Brown is a deep coffee color with a bit of creamer added in to give it that creamy look. Dark brown graining with hints of white run throughout the wood, giving the wood a dark grey appearance in some places, overall giving the wood an antiqued appearance. Taking a sharp turn away from the dark coffee look is the White Oak Alu Grey which actually isnt grey at all (a bit of a misnomer). This wooden hue is actually a light brownish-red color with dark brownish-red graining. Throughout the wood is white speckles, giving the wood a light, airy appearance. White Oak Twilight is a very handsome dark colored wood. This wood is composed of rich, chocolate colored wood with many dark grains running close together to give the wood its very dark look.

The LM Bentley selection comes in at a width of 7 with length sizes dependent upon your needs, but they can go all the way up to an impressive 72. Being this size makes for easy installation and allowance in showing off the stunning colors and designs of each individual planks of wood.
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