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LM Flooring Bentley Premier

LM Flooring Bentley Premier
The LM Flooring Bentley Premier collection showcases the beauty of hardwood White Oak flooring. Whether the space is contemporary or traditional, formal or casual, these floors are perfect for a variety of spaces and interior design styles.

Each plank is finished with Aluminum Oxide for extra protection against day to day damage. This makes these floors perfect for high traffic areas and better able to resist scratched, dents, and scuffs.

The planks come in widths of 7½ " and in random lengths of up to 75" with a thickness of ½". Each plank is carefully beveled, sanded, and stained.

The Bentley Premier collection is Greenguard Gold certified. This certification requires lower total VOC emission levels to ensure that products can be used in schools and healthcare facilities.

The collection can be installed using the staple, glue down, nail, or float method. This makes these floors simple and easy to install, knowing that whatever way of installing these floor is easiest for a space can be used.

When it comes to warranties, these floors come with a 50 year Residential warranty and a 5 year Light Commercial warranty.

The Bentley Premier Collection

The collection offers two light brown flooring options that make the perfect neutral backdrop to any space. Bentley Premier Cashmere is blend of light blondes and warm, mid-tone browns. This makes for a floor that is both warm and inviting. Bentley Premier Castle Blanc is a light ashy blonde floor that brightens a room and makes it feel more spacious. Bentley Premier Castellon is a warm, chestnut brown that has dark knots throughout. This floor has a stunning and very sophisticated appearance to it. This is perfect for a more formal space. Bentley Premier Purcell has a sophisticated and neutral appearance to it. This is another flooring option that works as a great neutral backdrop to a space. Bentley Premier Windy City is a soothing light brown floor that makes a perfect neutral backdrop in a space.

Bentley Premier Plumas and Bentley Premier Pewter are both dark grey flooring options that make a bold statement in a space. Both flooring options are a blend of light greys and mid-tone browns. The floors overall have a very muted and sophisticated appearance to them. Bentley Premier Artic Grey is a soothing blend of light browns and light greys. Bentley Premier Denali is a blend of light browns, mid-tone browns, and dark greys. Bentley Premier Palmetto is a light grey floor that is a soothing and sophisticated color.

Bentley Premier Coffee Brown is a blend of deep browns and warm chestnuts browns that come together to create a bold and dramatic floor. For a similar appearance but with an ashy, weathered look there is Bentley Premier Glaskow.

For a bright, white flooring option there is Bentley Premier Fossil . This sleek, white floor has a contemporary feel to it.

See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To check out more collections from LM Flooring, click here.

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