LM Flooring Big Sky

LM Flooring Big Sky
Whether you are interested in hardwood or not, the LM Big Sky is definitely worth checking out. From the stunning range of colors (including warm browns and cool greys) to the gorgeous aluminum oxide finish to the fifty year residential warranty....LM Big Sky beats out the competition by a landslide. Inspired by the breathtaking skyline views across the United States, these oak planks will turn your interior design into something elegant and absolutely classic. Not only are these hardwood floors showstoppers, but they are also extremely durable, due to their impressive 9" wide boards and 9/16" thickness. Are you hooked yet? In terms of installation, these floors give homeowners different methods for installation, including float, glue, or staple.

Colors and Styles

This oak series comes in six incredible styles and colors. Each flooring option is sure to make your home appear more sophisticated and put together. One of the best selling options is the Majestic Peak Oak. Named after its simple, yet distinguished appearance, these planks are a darker, intense blend of charcoal greys. Another great choice, but with a less zealous design, is the Firelight Oak. These floors also happen to be the lightest in the collection. The floor has beautiful warm honey hues as the base tone, with subtle brown details throughout the surface.

Are you interested in something that's a little more subtle and airy looking? The LM Big Sky series has those types of planks too! One of our favorites is the understated Bobsled Oak color. Although these planks sport a blend of greys, they are very welcoming and calming. Another great choice from this collection is the Aspen Leaf Oak. Inspired by stunning Aspen tree trunks, these planks are a combination of chocolate browns and chestnuts. This is perfect for anyone who wants something simple, yet captivating in their home. Another favorite from this series is the Drake Oak. This is a unique choice, as it pairs chestnut browns with charcoal greys, creating a striking design. Each and every one of these styles and colors are sure to transform any dull or boring room, into something truly spectacular.

The styles and colors from this collection come with the full manufacturer's warranty. Have a question? Give to give us a call! We can help with any questions you may have about the LM Big Sky hardwood series or if you just want to talk about floors. (Which is our favorite conversation topic!)

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