LM Flooring Nature Reserve

LM Flooring Nature Reserve

The LM Flooring Nature Reserve collection is inspired by antiqued wood that have seen and been through plenty of things throughout its lifetime. It is very rustic in appearance and is fitting for spaces that want to achieve a charming, vintage appearance.

This antiqued wood collection comes in 7 charming hues to choose from. While they may all look similar, they’re not 100% identical as any set of siblings (twins especially) would tell you. The LM Flooring Nature Reserve Oak Tundra is a wood that has gained its gray over time. This wood is composed of a mixture of light browns and tans with grey overlay to give it its antiqued look. Riddled in with the graining are charcoal cracks that are especially long to help embellish the aged appearance. Oak Silverado entails a silvery overlay on top of the tans and browns that make up the main wood color. The silver stains and streaks the wood, giving the wood a handsome look. In contrast to Oak Tundra, Silverado has more silver on the wood.

Oak Cascade features taupe as its base. Light tan is streaked with dark brown, stained with charcoal spots, and splotched with hints of grey here and there. Oak Caribou departs from grey and uses varying shades of muted brown that is grained with charcoal as well as gashed with charcoal. There are grey tinges but they are not very powerful tinges, leaving Oak Caribou to show off its charm with its varying shades of brown. Oak Bullion is predominately grey in color. While there are hints of brown, shades of grey compose this wood’s color, ranging from light to charcoal. What brown does show is closer to taupe in appearance. Oak Buckskin is a take on traditional hardwood. A rich, light brown is the primary color with grey graining and overlay covering the brown reminiscent of someone gracefully aging throughout the years. Impressive graining stains and cracks composed of charcoal can be found on this wood. Oak Bison is light browns nearly overrun by charcoal streaking grains and cracks. Dark greys can be found staining the wood as well.

The LM Flooring Nature Reserve collection comes in at 7.25” in width with length sizes dependent upon your needs, but they can go all the way up to a whopping 72”. Being large in size means that installation should be a breeze. Not to mention, the large size will be able to really show off the looks of this antiqued wood.

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