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LM Flooring Glenbury/The Glenn

LM Flooring Glenbury/The Glenn
The Glenbury Collection

Bison is a dark toned floor that has a rustic appearance to it. The floor has a reclaimed wood appearance to it with knots and cracks throughout. Buckskin is a slightly lighter flooring option and has warm hints of blonde throughout. Caribou is a blend of light and mid-tone greys with light warm brown tones that come together to create a rustic and weathered floor. Cascade has a similar look to it but is overall a little bit darker with more grey tones throughout it. Pewter is a dark and rustic floor that is a blend of light grey and dark black/brown. Silverado and Tundra are both sleek and contemporary floors that are a blend of both light tan and deep brown tones.

The Glenn Collection

The Glenn collection is a stunning collection made up of contemporary weathered colors that add an elegant and sophisticated touch to a space. The aged appearance of the wood and the natural color variations found in each plank add a warmth and charm that only wood can bring into a home. These floors are crafted to be used for many year and are made to become even more stunning with age.

Planks 72 inches in length with multiple widths of 4,5, and 6 inches. Each plank is half an inch thick with a four sided bevel and multi-ply construction. For extra durability and strength each plank has an aluminum oxide finish. The flooring in the Glenn collection can be installed using the glue, nail, float, or staple method. When it comes to warranties, the Glenn collection has a 50 year Residential warranty and a 5 year Light Commercial warranty. The collection is also Greenguard certified meaning that it is a certified low emissions product.

Buffalo is deep, rich, coffee brown floor that adds a bold appearance to a space. This floor is perfect for a home study area or adding a more formal feel to a living room or dining room space. Lincoln is a blend of light blonde and light brown tones. The floor is a blend of warm tones and knots throughout it. The floor has a warm contemporary appearance to it and adds a sleekness to a space. Flint is a rustic, deep toned floor that is a blend of dark browns, greys, and light, mid-tone browns. The knots throughout the floor and the aged appearance to it give it a rustic yet sophisticated feel.

Timberline and Denali are both rustic, aged floors that add a lot of character to space. Timberline is a blend of light, ashy browns and deeper grey and brown tones with knots. Denali has a similar appearance to it but it is a lighter flooring option.

Cascadian Falls and Stag are both a blend of grey tones and deep browns. Cascadian Falls is a deeper flooring option while Stag is a lighter toned floor that has a calming effect over a space.

Silverton, Fossil, and Elkwood are all light beige toned floors. Silverton is a light, soothing floor that adds a contemporary feel to a space. Fossil is a light, ashy beige floor. Elkwood is a light, blonde floor that adds a sleek, contemporary feel to a space.

Interested in one of the flooring options in this stunning collection? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring or The Glenn or Glenbury collections in general.

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