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LM Flooring Weston

LM Flooring Weston

The LM Flooring Weston collection is made up of classic Oak hardwood in a variety of different colors. Oak is a durable and timeless flooring choice that can stand the test of time. With a 5 x 48 plank size and a length that can be altered to fit your needs, as well as a couple of installation options, this series would make a great addition to any home. The Weston collection is made up of a range of color options. All the flooring options are classic and can fit a more modern home as well as a more traditional space.

The Collection

There are 6 colors for you to choose from in this hardwood series, all of which feature their own charm and character. LM Weston Weatherstone is a great example of this with its smooth grey color with light grey hues blended in and gentle graining flowing throughout each plank and producing an elegant look.

Windy City is another gorgeous color that blends brown and grey together to produce a light taupe blend that is modern and airy.

Taupe is the darker interpretation of Windy City with heavier doses of grey and graining etching across each tan plank. Taupe is more muted medium to dark brown. It has a modern look to it. Taupe would pair well with more contemporary furniture and home decor.

Dipping into the more brown-focused woods, Castellon is a tan wood featuring large knots and small wormholes with light graining flowing throughout the plank. Touches of grey stain the hardwood, giving it a slowly aging appearance. This is the perfect hardwood flooring that can open up a space and add some warmth. Light flooring is able to make a space feel open and bigger. Pair this floor with neutral home decor and furniture for a beautiful combination.

Belfort is your typical hardwood tan with heavy influence of dark brown sweeping over the plank in the form of stains and graining. It is a rich, medium to dark brown hardwood floor. This floor pairs well with a home office or den area in a home. Place this hardwood floor in a bigger space for a more rustic feel to your home.

Leathered takes on more of a golden brown tone with golden tans and browns mixing together and graining sweeping across each plank in mountainous ripples.

Whether you go with the more classic hardwood look of Leathered or the more rich Belfort, you are sure to make a statement with the flooring options in this collection. Curious about other LM flooring collections? Take a look at Grand Mesa and Winfield.

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