LM Flooring Weston

LM Flooring Weston
The LM Flooring Weston collection focuses on greying hardwood which can be ideal in any setting. Grey is usually known as a great contemporary color but grey can also fit in in an antique-styled décor or traditional décor. With a 5” x 48” size with a length that can be altered to fit your needs and a couple of installation options, this series would make a great addition to any home.

There are 6 colors for you to choose from in this hardwood series, all of which feature their own charm and character. LM Weston Weatherstone is a great example of this with its smooth grey color with light grey hues blended in and gentle graining flowing throughout each plank and producing an elegant look. Windy City is another gorgeous color that blends brown and grey together to produce a light taupe blend that is modern and airy. Taupe is the darker interpretation of Windy City with heavier doses of grey and graining etching across each tan plank. Dipping into the more brown-focused woods, Castellon is a tan wood featuring large knots and small wormholes with light graining flowing throughout the plank. Touches of grey stain the hardwood, giving it a slowly aging appearance. Belfort is your typical hardwood tan with heavy influence of dark brown sweeping over the plank in the form of stains and graining. Leathered takes on more of a golden brown tone with golden tans and browns mixing together and graining sweeping across each plank in mountainous ripples.

No matter what color you choose, you’re going to add a pop to whatever look you’re aiming to achieve with this grey hardwood.
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