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Armstrong Prime Harvest Engineered hardwood flooring combines the natural beauty of hardwood flooring with modern technology to all your living spaces. This hardwood flooring collection features twelve colors and is available in two different plank sizes of 3" and 5". The flooring in the Prime Harvest Engineered collection is chock full of fine details, intricate patterns and rich grains that replicate the natural attributes of this classic species.

Choose the 3" hardwood planks to create spatial depth or the 5" for a more inviting feel in rooms of all sizes. Our flooring design experts are happy to suggest what plank widths and colors from this series meet your project needs. Your hardwood floor's color sets the ambience of a design setting. This lineup gives designers the flexibility to create custom design effects in different rooms with relative ease.

Look to Prime Harvest Oak Berry Stained for reddish brown tones that add a luxurious feel to formal spaces, such as dining rooms, living rooms and master bedrooms. The random swirls of grain and colors are authentic with exquisite details. The reddish staining's have an energizing determination that motivates on a deeper and more intimate level for whatever room this hardwood fills. Choose white drapes and crown molding to further enhance the eye popping effect this color will have on all décor schemes. For a slightly more neutral shade, Sunset West has a medium brown tone that matches nearly any interior design concept with a classic hardwood color tone that is found in most homes. This plank bends the accents of light and dark browns together to create a wood setting that is close to natural, leaving you feeling as If you are stowed away in the middle of nowhere in a cabin environment.

Harvest Oak Blackened Brown is the darkest color of this hardwood color palette, offering a swarthy look that seems to cascade over each three-inch or five-inch-wide plank. Like a dark chocolate, so smooth and flowing this plank has streaks of subtle tan tones that almost seem white, that are gently scratched throughout the dark brown hues to produce an authentic visual that everyone seems to love. This color works with mainly lighter color fabrics in dining rooms with dark wood tables or master bedrooms that have crown molding with ornate headboards.

On a lighter side the Oak Natural has a fresh virgin untouched and unstained look like it was just cut out of the forest appearance. With its naturally smooth flow of tan hues mixed with its darker tones of brow, its perfect age ribbon design creates a beautifully sliced piece of wood. The Oceanside Gray has a beautiful blueish-gray color mix with a darker gray grain. Reserved and not so quiet, the blue hues exhibit confidence, tranquility, and peace with a twist of physical and mental relaxation. Leaving this piece of hardwood to really portray a sense of elegance, especially when placed with white accents in furniture and décor.

The Mystic Taupe is an easy neutral color that makes a perfect foundation. Where this isn't quite brown or gray but an in between. More of a feminine shade but still plays well with masculine colors. Plums, darker grays, and creams will show off the varying degrees of richness within a romantic space. This undertone of a color can make any bold color choice pop with drama or just be a subtle foundation.

Yes, there are many choices to suit all tastes in this collection. However, there are common benefits, as well. An engineered hardwood floor requires little maintenance and is resistant to stains or scratches. Meanwhile, the glue, staple or float installation provides a lasting fit that withstands all levels of foot traffic.

See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To check out more collections from Armstrong hardwood, click here.

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