Hartco TimberCuts

Hartco TimberCuts

If you're looking for an American made hardwood that illuminates with distinctive character, then the Armstrong Artistic Timbers TimberCuts collection is perfectly suitable for you. This hardwood series heavily focuses on rich color tones and blends that work together to create an authentic hardwood visual. The collection offers 15 stunning colors to choose from, all coming with a bold and rustic appearance that oozes with character.

In the darker segment of the collection, the Artistic Timbers Layered Burgundy is one that heavily generates a very clean and sophisticated look while incorporating its sleek, charcoal tones within its burgundy wood qualities. This hardwood easily allows itself to give off a remarkably beautiful visual that everyone seems to love, making it a favorite. Classic Dark is another darker Oak, that possesses an extreme midnight hue that blankets the hardwood, creating an alluring and stunning appearance. This mighty enriched darkness is elegant enough to fit itself with any design style imaginable; just like they say, black goes with everything.

Apart from the darker segments is the Layered Steel, which is a truly unique Hickory species. This iron, grey stained plank effortlessly incorporates its taupe colors with its greys, and engulfs its lighter hues through its scrapes and nicks. This element alone possesses a very invading greyness, that tends to make a strong décor statement wherever its put. If you're enticed by lighter colors, Warmth of Wood is one that will highly please your tastes. This is an antiqued golden hardwood, which features diluted golds and browns to portray a warm look of richness that peaks during the autumn months. This species is easily able to expose its brightness and warmness to any given area it resides in, leaving it to be a very pleasant color choice. Harbor Fog is another lighter color that seems to draw any eye perfectly to it. This smooth and graceful color meshes together its whites and tans to fixate an attractive sense of sophistication that carries a trait of contentment. Its deeply striking, and effortlessly beautiful.

The Hartco TimberCuts hardwood collection is easily a fine choice, considering you are able to pick a hardwood style that will very much fit your tastes. Aside from the color schemes, there are a few options available to you when it comes to size. When it comes to the width, each plank is available in a small 2 ¼" option and the slightly larger 3 ¼" option. These two dimensions are able to give you a precise choice of what you feel is most pleasing. There is also a larger option than the two, that is 5". The length of the collection is one that has the option to be random. The measurements are available from an 8 ¼"option to as big as an 84" option, allowing you to have plenty of flexibility when it comes to creating your own designs.

Warranties on this hardwood collection are available for residential and commercial areas. The residential is offered with a lifetime limited warranty option, while the commercial is offered with a 10-year limited warranty. The commercial warranty is the perfect amount for a variety of light and high commercial areas. Amongst the warranties is Hartco's Lifetime finish that provides each flooring type to keep its new look upon itself as if it is ageless. Greatly prevents scratches, stains, and wear away, which will uphold itself in a number of different areas.

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