Armstrong American Scrape Engineered

Armstrong American Scrape Engineered

Armstrong American Scrape Engineered hardwood flooring imitates long-standing traditions by using construction materials common to North America. These one-of-a-kind engineered hand-scraped hardwood floors elicit the classic feel of colonial America with modern construction techniques. A distinctive grain pattern closely mimics the natural attributes of classic wood species with stunning authenticity. The hickory and oak species this collection offers uses a refined and rustic scrape that deeply creates a sophisticated appearance. The color palette of golds, grays, reds, and browns in the collection are specifically used with unique scrapes to highlight the distinctive graining and knots of the wood. In turn, allowing each plank to illuminate its beauty through its magnificent color schemes. You can choose from two wide plank dimensions of 5" or slightly enlarged 5.75". A broader width in plank size creates custom effects in rooms of different sizes. Either option tends to make large rooms feel cozier, while small spaces will appear bigger. You can enhance or underscore this effect with the hardwood floor color, décor scheme, and natural light exposure.

Colors and Styles

The highly-prized grain look that creates a stately feel is readily apparent in each hand-scraped plank. For a lavish feel in a neutral color, check out the Amber Grain. The medium brown tones complement all shades of décor with random swirls and textures common to the Hickory species. These medium golden browns are blended to create a wonderfully content overall ambience that is perfect for any room. Living rooms and bedrooms will greatly achieve a balanced design in this popular model. If you're looking for a darker, more sophisticated look, the Brown Ale is worth consideration. This palette of light and dark hues of brown smoothly blend together to produce an alluring chocolate finish.

Look to Autumn Blaze for a darker alternative in formal spaces such as dining rooms, dens, and foyers. The darch mocha-colored planks have rich accents of wood graining and knots that are steeped in time, giving this hardwood a sense of delicateness. You will enjoy the sense of changing seasons and fall colors that are ingrained into this Armstrong flooring model. Another stunning color option from this series is the Walnut Garden. These planks are cool toned, and completely unique thanks to a rosey gold undertone. If you are looking to create a space that embraces femininity, the Walnut Garden color makes for a good jumping off point.

Amongst the colors offered, Dark Lava is considered to be one of the darkest and most elegant choices. This extreme dark brown is a stylish departure from the rest of the shade options, as its almost ebony midnight appearance gives off a definitive charcoal tone. This is great for accenting with furnishings exuding lighter colors. In stark contrast to the Dark Lava option, Honey Bee is the lightest American Scrape color option, and an ideal choice for drawing in natural light in areas with large panoramic windows and high vaulted ceilings. If you have your eyes set on filling your space with planks that offer warm amber undertones, blended with honey browns, see the Cajun Spice. This option is going to completely revamp any space, and captivate anyone’s attention from the moment they lay eyes on it. Overall, the genuine sense of luxury that comes from each one of these popular species such as cherry, walnut, hickory, and oak makes the American Scrape Engineered collection a popular favorite.

Backed by separate residential and commercial warranties, designers have further peace of mind their investment will stand the test of time. Basic upkeep is all that is needed to maintain the lasting beauty of your Armstrong American Scrape engineered hardwood floor, which is why a lifetime urethane finish is available. This finish provides superior scratch and stain resistance, which will keep your floors looking great for a long time and gives you an unexpected value for a beautifully textured floor. The collection of American Scrape also features more than 90 percent domestic hardwood content. In the spirit of Armstrong's American Scrape engineered collection being American-made, the collection is considered to be the exclusive flooring choice for Homes For Our Troops, a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping wounded veterans achieve freedom and independence. A substantial portion of every American Scrape hardwood floor that is sold will support this outstanding organization. Not only do we please our customers, but also help to please those who risk it all.

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