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Armstrong Prime Harvest Oak hardwood flooring brings the lovely attributes of a classic hardwood species to all décor schemes. This hardwood floor lineup includes 12 color choices with a standard 5" width in a high or low color gloss surface. The many choices allow designers to customize the effect of a solid hardwood floor in various design schemes. Low gloss planks make a more subtle statement while high gloss accentuates the décor, fabrics and setting of living spaces.

A hardwood floor's color sets the tone for your design setting. This collection gives you twelve choices to customize the design setting you wish to achieve. Consider Prime Harvest Oak Natural for light brown tones that add cheer to rooms of all sizes. This is a great option for living rooms or bedrooms bathed in sunlight that elicits the fine grain and rich details of the hardwood floor planks.

You can punctuate this effect with yellow or tan fabrics that create a striking allure in rooms with large windows. For an exotic twist with similar design benefits, look to Mystic Taupe for beige tones with splashes of brown honed by weather and time.

Looking for a neutral colored hardwood floor? The medium brown tones of Prime Harvest Oak Gunstock match nearly any décor scheme and give you the versatility to meet changing design trends over the years.

Whatever the choice, a manufacturer's warranty gives you peace of mind that these designer hardwood floors will stand the test of time. Oak is a species renowned for exquisite beauty and exceptional hardness. Any of these choices will withstand years of foot traffic are deaden noise from creaking or buckling with a 3/4" thickness.

The nail down installation makes it easy for contractors to provide a secure fit in rooms with various layouts and conditions.

Our product experts are available for square footage quotes and answer your questions. Please call us to learn more or buy Armstrong Prime Harvest Oak Hardwood flooring.

See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To check out more collections from Armstrong hardwood, click here.

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