Hartco American Scrape Solid

Hartco American Scrape Solid

Armstrong American Scrape Solid hardwood is a collection that contains richly textured floors that are deeply inspired by the diversity of the American landscape. This collection is one that is easily able to bring out the most popular visuals of a vintage hand-scraped texture, which allows itself to complement any in-home design suggested. American Scrape Solid's overall rustic vibe on top of its very modern and elegant qualities makes it a perfect fit for any interior.

The overall look of this collection is influenced by its wood species and their textures. The rustic scrape that is applied to the oak and hickory species balances its distinctive graining and knots, allowing these species to exemplify an alluring look that is not like any other. The refined scrape that is applied to the cherry and maple options is blended together with its finer grains to present a very understated elegance. Aside from cherry and maple, the refined look on the walnut species produces its grains to have a uniquely sophisticated style.

The honey golds, rustic reds, and rich browns are what American Scrape's color palette consists of. If you're interested in a dark honey brown color, the River House option is the one you want. This beautiful chocolate shade is configured from dark and light hues that are gently meshed into one another. The technique given to this dark brown creates an essence like no other, allowing the flooring to stand out in any living room or dining room. If you are looking for a lighter golden brown, Natural is the way to go. This plank has light brown colors blended with bold, dark browns to produce a gorgeous and very natural wood look. Natural fits perfectly in rooms with lighter colors and allows furniture within them to stand out, making any space visually stunning.

Aside from golds and browns, Autumn Apple is a cherry shade that is great for homey environments. The cherry reds in this plank are mixed with brown hues to produce a very striking color. This attractive and bold look is a perfect fit in kitchens that are accented with white cabinets and furniture. The dark and redness of the floor enables any display in it to shine, creating gorgeous designs to lock anyone's eye. For a greyer lighter expression that has a sense of confidence, Walnut Garden is it. The light and dark greyish whites that are meshed together push this flooring to give off an extreme rustic look. Its greys are put together in a way that allows it to look outstanding with wooden copper displays, giving this style option a heavy vintage look. The colors that are offered in this collection are not the only thing that give individual taste what it wants. The sizing of the planks is something that also makes Armstrong American Scrape Solid so appealing. Available in widths of 3.25" and slightly bigger at 5", these traditional dimensions give the collection's planks a more upscale and fashionable design. Each plank is offered with a residential and commercial warranty. The residential option is good for a lifetime while the commercial option is valid for 10 years, the latter of which is best for areas with heavy traffic.

Apart from its appearance, Armstrong American Scrape Solid is considered to be a top national sponsor of Homes For Our Troops, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping wounded veterans achieve their freedom and independence. All flooring types are donated for the newly constructed homes that are given to our veterans at no cost.

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