Hartco Southwest Style

Hartco Southwest Style
The Hartco Southwest Style collection offers a range of unique flooring options to choose from. The engineered hardwood flooring collection is incredibly durable and able to withstand daily wear and tear.

Each plank has a Urethane finish to it that gives the floor a protective layer. The finish makes these floors more durable when it comes to daily wear and tear.

The planks in the Southwest Style are 15.8 to 48 inches in length and 3 inches to seven and a quarter inches long. Each plank is 3/8 inches thick.

These floors are safe for the environment and for people. The collection is FloorScore certified to meet or exceed low emission standards. It is guaranteed that the flooring will not adversely affect indoor air quality.

When it comes to installation, the Southwest Style collection can be installed in three different ways. The staple, glue, or float method can be used when installing these floors. The planks can be installed below, on, or above grade level.

The Southwest Style collection comes with a 50 year Residential Commercial warranty.

The Collection

The Southwest Style collection comes in a range of five different colors to choose from. Cowboy Brown is one of the richest flooring options in the collection. This floor is a blend of warm chestnut browns and rich cherry browns mixed with light, ashy browns throughout. The range of tones throughout this floor give it a sophisticated and warm appearance. America’s West is the darkest floor in the Southwest Style collection. This floor is a blend of deep, dark blacks and slightly lighter dark brown tones. The floor itself has an overall slightly ashy appearance to it. For a floor that offers a warmer blend of chestnut and blonde tones there is Country Retreat. The blend of the different color tones gives this floor a slightly rustic feel to it. The distressed appearance of the floor add to the charm. Hand Crafted Tan is a stunning contemporary floor that is a light blend of tans and slightly darker brown tones. With knots and light blondes blended throughout this floor is charming and bright. Desert Shade is a unique flooring option in this space. The floor is a blend of light greys, blondes, and slight greys.

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