Hartco TimberBrushed

Hartco TimberBrushed

The Armstrong Artistic Timbers TimberBrushed hardwood is an American made collection that steers to highlight the beauty and artistic flair of hardwood by portraying a striking, individualized style statement. The exposed grain texture that each wood plank is provided with, brings an enhanced definition that emphasizes its stunning knots and dramatic oak character marks to really exemplify its depth and texture. Artistic techniques like liming and deep etching further highlight the attractiveness of the hardwood, and enables the color effects to heavily be exposed.The collection is shown to have species of Hickory and White Oak, which are both tied with the liming and deep etching techniques.

In the White Oak species, The Artistic Timbers Deep Etched Hampton Brown is one that demonstrates a curated blend of light and dark hues through the use of cracking, graining, and knotting. This color combination of the light and dark goldish browns, displays itself to have an antiqued characteristic, that leaves everyone to love its natural wooden look. Dusty Ranch is another example that greatly incorporates its light and dark bronze hues to put together a stunning visual. The light and dark hues simply tie themselves together within the stamped knots of the planks to produce a gratifying wooden look. With the integration of the deep etched technique, its able to give a rustic, and reclaimed appearance that is extremely modern and very exquisite.

Deep Etched Iron Mountain is one that is a cross between antiqued and contemporary hardwood, which allows it to work well with any design style. The iron-grey hues meshed with the brown colors leaves this hardwood to display an intense rustic and dark visual that makes any room shine with simplicity and boldness. Apart from the amazing visuals the deep etched technique leaves to each plank, the Limed Wolf Ridge is one that also produces astonishing looks. The Wolf Ridge is a sweet blend between a rich taupe and a light tan that almost is seen to look light grey/white. This light mesh of washed hues adds a delightful and memorable characteristic to the hardwood, which creates the planks to become a piece of art. If you're looking for a lighter brown with similar features, the Dove Tint is a brilliant choice. This hardwood focuses on the blending of golden tans and darker golden tans within the staining to bring out an elegant color. The soft glow of the hardwood also gives the planks a vague and graceful look that is a perfect fit for any room.

The Armstrong Artistic Timbers TimberBrushed collection shows off their striking characteristics with a 7½ width size, allowing the full effect of the wood to shine. The length is up to your discretion as the length is random, giving the option for a beautiful, expansive look, which everybody loves. Warranties on this hardwood collection are available backed up to support both residential and commercial areas. With the residential areas, there is a lifetime limited warranty that is offered. With commercial areas, there is a 10-year limited warranty that is perfectly fitted for a variety of different places that use commercial flooring as an option. Armstrong Flooring provides the upmost and comprehensive warranties in the industry, which is what people love. An Armstrong Lifetime finish is also provided to be an option. Our toughest wood finish gives the ultimate shield to our flooring against scratches, wears, and stains, which keeps the newer look of the floors to have a longer appearance than usual.

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