Bruce Hardwood Turlington Lock & Fold

Bruce Hardwood Turlington Lock & Fold
Bruce’s Turlington Lock & Fold collection is brilliant, bold and beautiful. Featuring the iconic intricacies of oak, maple, hickory, cherry and walnut, these engineered hardwoods are packed with style, sophistication and luxury for any traditional, contemporary, classic and even modern décor. This stunning collection unlocks the natural potential of wood in all settings with by providing a wide range of stains to enhance the charm of each wood grain.

A classic in hardwood flooring, this collection embraces the wide variety of species, sizes and finishes to help complete your home’s décor. Serving as a beautiful anchoring backdrop, these floors only get better with age as timeless flooring that can be enjoyed for generations to come. Colors such as Lock & Folkd Oak Natural and Maple Natural are two light hues allowing for the distinct organic character of both species to be fully displayed and enjoyed. The shade of Maple Russet-Cinnamon is a decadent finish of glowing blush and copper hues brilliantly given new life on the subdued details of maple. Differing, Lock & Fold Hickory Falcon Brown and Oak Saddle are two warm brown hues revealing a playful ruggedness sensibility. For the more modern décor, turn to the mysteriously enchanting finish of Walnut Cocoa Brown in a deep lush shade of the deepest brown with chestnut tones glowing from behind an almost ebony visage.

Bruce Turlington Lock & Fold hardwood floors are available in 3” wide, 3/8” thick planks in various lengths to highlight their natural wood charm. Backed by a 25-year warranty, this collection features easy-to-install Lock & Fold technology for 30% faster applications with no glue or nails. Additionally, each 3” and 5” wide plank is topped with a Dura-Luster Plus urethane finish with aluminum oxide for added durability, spots, spills and stain reticence and added long-lasting shine. Featuring micro-beveled edges and ends, these hardwoods were built to last with alluring looks that glow in any light.
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