Bruce Blacksmiths Forge

Bruce Blacksmiths Forge
The Blacksmith’s Forge collection is an all-American made Birch hardwood flooring collection. The collection is made up of five different hardwood flooring options that range in their color and overall design look. These floors feature a designer texture that creates hardwood flooring that give your space a unique look. The Birch pallets are 6-1/2” inches wide. Any space can be elevated with Birch hardwood flooring. The rustic Birch hardwood gives spaces a reclaimed wood look without the same expensive cost. If you are worried about durability there is nothing to fear. The rustic Birch hardwood floors are scratch and stain resistant. Your floors will look good for many, many years without having to worry about the wear and tear of day to day use.

The Blacksmith’s Forge collection ranges in color. The Carbon Grain is a dark black color. It can make a statement in any space. For a lighter color that is still on the darker end of the color spectrum try the Darkened Latte option. This hardwood flooring option contains different tones of grey mix with hints of dark brown. Elemental Slate contains a range of different shades of brown. For a warmer look consider Embers. This option contains hints of dark and light brown, giving it an overall rustic and warm look. Ethereal is the lightest option in the collection. A light and bright range of brown tones mix for this beautiful color that will brighten up any space.

This collection is full of rich Birch hardwood flooring options. There is sure to be an option that will take your space to the next level.

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