Bruce Barnwood Living

Bruce Barnwood Living
The Barnwood Living collection offers the authentic look of well-worn wood, giving any space a warm and rustic feel. The collection is in partnership with Mark Bowe, the TV host of Barnwood Builders. Bowe and his team work to reclaim pioneer-era structures and convert old barns and log cabins into modern homes. The collection itself is inspired by the wood that Bowe uses to restore barns and cabins combined with the quality and craftsmanship of Bruce Flooring. This collection offers you the look of vintage wood with flooring that is made to last. If youre looking for flooring that gives your space an authentic, handcrafted look while making the space feel warm and inviting, this is the perfect collection for you. Give your space the look that comes from the history and warmth of aging reclaimed wood.

These hardwood floors are proudly made in the USA. Inspired by Mark Bowes own home state of West Virginia, each flooring option is a unique combination of color, texture, and species. The collection is made up of Red Oak, Hickory, and White Oak trees options. The Red Oak hardwood floor options range from the deep browns of Lincoln to the range of brown tones in Monroe. The Hickory hardwood flooring options give off an eye-catching blend of dark grey and browns with the lighter option of Wyoming and the dark Jefferson. The White Oak options comes in a range of different color options. For a daker hardwood flooring look, consider the Mineral option. This hardwood flooring consists of a blend of different shades of browns. The White Oak offers a variety of lighter color options. For the lightest flooring option in the Barnwood Living collection, consider the Greenbrier. This option is a light, bright brown that is sure to brighten up any space.

Planks in this collection are 3-1/4, 4 in width and in thickness. The planks are also 8.25-84 in length. The edges in this hardwood flooring collection have beveled edges and ends. The flooring is solid hardwood flooring and is made to last. The wood floors are durable with a scratch-resistant finish. They are sure to look and feel good for many years to come. For installation you may want to consider an expert as the installation process is more complicated than other flooring options. Hardwood flooring is mostly installed through mechanically fastening hardwood flooring into the wood subfloor using staples, cleats, or nails.

This collection is perfect for you if you have been wanting hardwood flooring with more character and a vintage feel. These floors are sure to be an eye-catcher and elevate any space. Vintage looking hardwood floors give a space a warmth and history that cant be felt any other way. The best part about this collection is that this hardwood flooring is being offered at a more affordable price. Reclaimed wood is expensive. With this Barnwood Living collection you can get the same look and craftsmanship as reclaimed wood without the expensive price tag. You dont have to compromise on quality either. With so many stunning options to choose from you are sure to find the hardwood flooring that will take your space to the next level.

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