Bruce Hardwood Waltham Plank/Strip

Bruce Hardwood Waltham Plank/Strip
Bruce Hardwood Waltham Plank hardwood flooring is a collection designed to provide a look that is rustic, yet elegant, and equipped with the superlative style ideal for any home. Truly capturing the charm of a traditional wooden floor, yet also offering a degree if sophistication, this collection provides classically designed with a level of quality that is hard to find. Any space can be improved upon by adding an inviting, cozy feel, and this wooden flooring is the perfect way to do just that, enhancing a homes natural beauty and adding a sense of natural elegance and sophistication.

Seven finish options are available to choose from including fashionable styles such as the ever-popular Waltham Plank White Oak Gunstock, a tawny mixture of warm golden browns with intense wood grain. Whiskey, meanwhile, offers an exciting blend of ochre and russet browns enriched by the movement of Oak wood growth patterns. Waltham Plank White Oak Kenya, a stylish carob brown with gingerbread highlights, perfect for a stately room worthy of a study with windows looking out from a Kenyan ranch house onto the African plains. The collection also provides options designed to further enhance the rustic image of this flooring such as Country Natural, a fresh-looking unfinished wood filled with mild wheat tones and yellow-golds. Cornsilk, a light dusky tan, and Brass, a classic light brown also make excellent additions to any welcoming interior atmosphere.

The Waltham Plank hardwood flooring line looks great in any home, creating a sense of elegance and warmth, as well as providing the classic charm that only a traditional hardwood floor is capable of. This tasteful, traditional looking floor comes in plank widths of 3 , furthering the classical look captured in this beautiful hardwood floor creating an inviting and inspired space with this resilient flooring option for an investment in your homes style sure to last for decades to come.
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