Bruce Brushed Impressions

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Bruce Brushed Impressions Hardwood Floors marry the rustic charm of the old world with unique textures to recreate the highly-adored look of reclaimed hardwood. Bruce's engineered hardwood comes in 10 desirable colors, all featuring the texture of a wire-brushed wood but with the durability you'd expect from a Bruce floor. This collection holds a various color selection from your light bleached looking woods to light and dark rich browns to a black painted color.

In the color palette, Essence of Light Oak has a taupe look with a very light and neutral color. Still holding on to the natural wood look with knots and graining, but keeping that traditional cozy style. Its bright shades of taupe mixed together with the greyish white tones within one another adds a solid and richening point to the room. Where the starry night oak is completely opposite, nearly black as night. An absolute exquisite powerful color that ties in little subtle strains of white-ash lines that make this dark and commanding color not so dark, leaving it to be portrayed with lengths of mystery and sophistication. Where black is not really a color but absent of color. Still stunning and popping in a room filled with brighter colors.

On a lighter note the Parisian Cafe has a beautiful dark brown just like that delicious cup of happiness we drink every morning, so rich and dark. The dark, chocolate browns are mixed together with black grain lines to really create a characteristic that is purely unique, but still similar-to a natural dark wood piece that is laying so still in the woods. Perfect for individuals who are really trying to seek out a cabin feel environment, or a classy, but not too chic of a style.

The Haystack is one that has a gorgeous golden tone that easily resembles a straw bale with a mix of golden browns and dark detailed knots. The dark brown waves and designs blended into the planks creates a modern feel that looks exquisite in kitchen areas when placed with dark and light shades of grays and whites. Holding a similar color but with less defined knots and grains is the Summer Hickory, which is just a pinch on the lighter side and slightly polished. This perfectly constructed wood board has a natural color and tone that replicates the natural wood look by contrasting light and dark tones into one simple blend. Leaving it to look visually stunning in open living rooms that have simple light colors to really make the floor pop with personality.

On the gray side the Limed Rainy Weather has white age ribbons that stand out to show the uniqueness of this hardwood, similar to salt stains from the ocean. This faded chocolate board incorporates bright, white strands that sit effortlessly in the seams and grains of the plank. Leaving it to have a very distinct and authentic color that no other hardwood has.

The Brushed Impressions series has a low-gloss look and 5 inch wide planks that will give your area a historic feel with a modern touch. All flooring contains DuraLuster Plus finish which will provide you with a beautiful, easy-to-care-for floor for years to come

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