Bruce Early Canterbury

Bruce Early Canterbury
The Early Canterbury hardwood flooring option offers a range of Maple hardwood flooring to choose from. This collection offers hardwood flooring that has a more rustic character to it. Each of the Maple plank�s rustic look is hand-preserved in order to create an overall look that is richer. The planks are covered with Nano coating. This leaves you with hardwood flooring that is stain and scratch resistant. You won�t have to worry about pets or other day in and out wear and tear. Your floors will remaining looking as stunning as the day you first got them installed. The wide planks in this collection give your space a modern look with 6-1/2� width planks. The overall feel of this collection is modern as planks have a beautiful matte finish.

Installation Made Easy

The planks in this collection are exclusively Maple. The thickness of the planks are 3/8� inches. Installation can be done through float, glue, and staple options. There are micro-beveled edges and ends on the planks. Planks have a low level of gloss and are finished with Dura-Luster Urethane.

The Collection

The Early Canterbury collection consists of five different flooring options. There are a range of wood color options in this collection from dark to light. The Gauntlet color is a deep, dark brown Maple hardwood flooring option. This hardwood floor option gives any space an elevated look. The Buxton Brown option is a slightly lighter version of the Gauntlet. The Morrow Stone option lightens things up with hints of light grey and brown blended together. The Tudor Tan lights things up with a warm brown pallet mixed with bits of dark brown wood throughout. To brighten things up consider the Moonlight option. This hardwood flooring option mixes a range of light brown tones throughout the wood.

Benefits of the Early Canterbury Collection

There are many benefits to choosing Maple hardwood flooring. Maple is a popular choice when it comes to flooring options. It is a wood that is strong while also giving any space an elevated look. It also extremely affordable for hardwood flooring. This is a hardwood flooring that can withstand the test of time. You won�t have to worry about wear and tear. Maple hardwood flooring options tend to be light and neutral. This allows your furniture in your space to take center stage while the maple flooring drops to the background. Maple is also a timeless flooring choice. Regardless of if your interior design style is more traditional, rustic, or contemporary, maple can compliment the space. Due to Maple�s light color it is also a good option for spaces that are smaller or lack a lot of light.

This collection is full of a range of beautiful maple colors. Check out the options below for more information!

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