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Bella Cera Cinque Terre

Bella Cera Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

Have you ever thought of putting together the words “clean” and “rustic”? Bella Cera Cinque Terre collection is here to tell us that you can. These hardwood surfaces are meant to represent all of the modernity in the rustic, while preserving the natural beauty of imperfections such as crackas and knots found on each plank.

Solid colors with a few details of rustic on them, that’s what this hickory and maple hardwood compilation is all about. Their color palette consists of an extensive array of hues extremely appealing to the eye and exclusive for all preferences. Just imagine: 15 colors, each enabling you to open a sea of opportunities towards your dream home.

Starting with Vernazza, this medium oak brown tonality is a brilliant work of art. Berroni, on the other hand, stands in between your favorite mud oak and the contemporary feel offered by a jet black undertone. La Francesca leads towards a gorgeous dark mahogany, while Feluca is definitely inside that mud oak brown category we all adore. Acri is your typical rustic dark oak, usually blended with more gray tonalities, while Baveno takes us all the way to a gold cherrywood. If you’re wanting this same golden shade on hickory, then take a closer look at Monterosso. Similarly to La Francesca, both Syracuse and Padua are also along the same lines of cherry red brown and mahogany, with the addition of a more reddish background bringing more of those cracks and knots to light. Now, imagine Foggia Maple as the darker version of Acri, presenting you with a more antique walnut resemblance on maple. Similar tonalities to Foggia on hickory are featured through the option Levanto. And if you’re still into the jet black hue mentioned earlier, make sure to check out that exquisite scale of charcoal grays provided by Manarola and Farinata, two of the most contemporary shades offered in this stunning collection. Finally-and uniquely offered on maple--we have Tinetto, an irresistible rust gray ready to be integrated in your most fabulous modern rustic interiors.

These hardwood planks are available in widths ranging from 4 to 6 inches, ideal to capture that naturality characteristic of this collection. With Bella Cera Cinque Terre, your floors are made out of hickory, maple, and endless beauty.
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