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Bella Cera Villa Bocelli

Bella Cera Villa Bocelli
Bella Cera are known for their high quality handcrafted wood floors that are custom cut by expert artisans. The Villa Bocelli collection offers a range of different style options to choose from and a beautiful blend of colors that will make a statement in any space. The color options in this collection are mesmerizing with the contrast of light and dark wood mixed with natural grain. This gives hardwood floors a timeless look that is both eye-catching and intriguing.

The Villa Bocelli collection is an ode to the heritage of the past. This collection is full of timeless flooring options that will stand the test of time in any space. This flooring is a true work of craftsmanship. Craftsmen custom-cut the wood in three random widths while also distressing each wood surface. The overall result is a handcrafted wooden floor that is durable and modern while also keeping the look and feel of an aged floor.

It is important to realize that hardwood flooring is a natural material and therefore it responds to other natural elements in its environment. Due to this, the aging process of the wood will begin as soon as it is unpacked. Things in the environment such as natural and ambient light, humidity, and airflow affect the hardwood. However, this is what makes hardwood flooring so unique and authentic. Allow your floors to go through this natural process. The outcome will be hardwood flooring that has character and is a reflection of your space.

The Villa Bocelli collection is made up of the highest quality French Oak flooring. This stunning French Oak keeps with the heritage theme of the collection, giving off a reclaimed look to any space. The multiple distinct saw mark directions and textures in the wood lead to color variation that offers a unique and artisan look. Floor planks are 4", 5" and 6" wide with a ½ " thickness to them and random lengths up to 60".

The Collection

The Bariola flooring option in this collection is a beautiful, medium-tone brown flooring option that offers a blended wood look. With a color pallet ranging from warmer tones of brown to light and bright tones, the contrast in the flooring lends a look of warmth to any space. Hints of dark spots of grain in the wood add the heritage look and feel to the Bariola flooring option.

For those that want a light and bright look when it comes to flooring, the Cabernet option in this collection is the place to look. This wood option is perfect for those looking for a more modern light wood look with hints of aged wood. This wood option is distressed, giving it an aged and weathered appearance.

On the darker end of options when it comes to this collection, there is Cannes. This is a rich and dark wood flooring selection for those that are looking for a darker wood when it comes to flooring. The rich variety of light and dark wood blended together gives this option a bold, yet warm feel to it. Graining in the wood adds to the authentic look and feel of Cannes. Cantico is a similar brown hardwood flooring option that offers the same effect.

Caronno is the perfect for a uniquely blended flooring option. With hints of distress throughout the wood that add texture and character, this is a rustic, yet bold choice. Small areas of grain in the wood give it an authentic look and feel. The range of browns blend together for a warm and rustic look.

For a daker option than others in this collection, consider the bold Mombello. Deep, dark browns add a serious and bold appearance to this option. With plenty of graining in the wood and a weathered appearance, this wood has a character all on its own. Elevate any space with this rich and vintage feeling hardwood flooring.

Lighter hardwood flooring options can also offer the same old-time feel as a bold and dark hardwood option. The Mozzate option is a testament to this. With a blend of greys and very light browns, this is a uniquely blended light flooring option. The weathered and distressed appearance of the wood adds to the heritage look and feel of the Villa Bocelli collection.

A variety of very light, almost grey blended wood adds to the beauty of the Pinzano. This option is perfect for a lighter hardwood floor that still has a lot of character. With its modern and bright appearance it is sure to brighten and open up any space.

Saronno is the perfect medium brown hardwood flooring option. For those that want a warm appearance to their floor without it being too light or dark in color, this is for you. The perfect hardwood flooring option when it comes to a blend of light and dark wood with graining throughout. Add a classic look to any space with this timeless flooring option.

When it comes to bold color options in this collection, the Storico stands out. This stunning flooring is a bold and rick blend of dark browns. This hardwood flooring option is sure to bring character and make a statement in any space.

The Bocelli Turate blends dark greys into medium tones of brown. This creates a flooring option that stands all on its own. Make a unique statement with this one of a kind hardwood flooring option.

Want a clean and modern look? The Veredo hardwood floor is the perfect option for your space. It's a bright and beautiful flooring option that is sure to open up any space. With graining throughout you still get the authentic wood look and characteristics while maintaining a more modern and clean feel to the space.

Lastly, there is the Villagio. This dark brown hardwood is on the darker side of color options in this collection. With hints of a range of darker and lighter wood blended together, this option adds a rich and warm look and feel to any space.

See something that you think would fit your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring or the Bella Cera Villa Bocelli collection in general. To see more hardwood collections from Bella Cera check them out here.

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