Bella Cera Villa Borghese

Bella Cera Villa Borghese
The Artisan Handcrafting Process

The Villa Borghese collection is made from artisan hand-selected fine French Oak trees. Wood is cut with precision into 8 inches wide and six feet long planks. Following that process the planks then go through a signature Bella Cera double smoking technique during which the natural Oak grain is aged and its heirloom-caliber colors are locked in. To refine the wooden planks even further, the surface of the wood is then lightly scraped and the edges and ends of the wood are carefully hand-carved. It's important to realize that the development process doesn't stop there. Hardwood is a natural material and is therefore responsive to the environment that it's in. The aging process of the wood begins immediately upon unpacking. The tones of wood planks therefore may change over time depending on exposure to natural and ambient lighting, as well as humidity and airflow. This process is part of the beauty of having hardwood floors.

The Collection

The Carmine hardwood flooring option is a light and bright flooring color that can open up a space. Pair this floor with white furniture or home décor and watch your space really brighten up. With cracks and knots throughout the wood, these floors have character.

Dante is a dark brown color that is blended with hints of lighter browns and greys. This makes for a more subdued dark brown hardwood flooring option. This is a great flooring option for those looking to add a clean and modern look to a space.

For a stunningly modern hardwood floor, Galgona is the perfect choice. This is a hardwood flooring option that is sure to elevate any space. Light shades of brown are blended with hints of black cracks and knots of wood. This creates a clean, modern look to the wood while its overall color is able to still add warmth to a space.

Ludovico is a warm and welcoming wood color. This creates a modern and warm feel to any space. The light wood color opens up a space while hints of dark brown throughout the planks add warmth.

Olimpia makes any space feel sophisticated. With a vintage yet somehow completely modern feel about it, this is a flooring option that is timeless. It will complement any space in a completely stunning way.

For a deep, chocolatey brown hardwood flooring option, the Paolo is stunning. With its rich dark brown color that is blended with hints of cherry-brown throughout this is a hardwood flooring option that is bold and makes a statement in any space.

For a truly dark wood the Rossano is the perfect choice. A bold and dark brown, this wood makes a statement and adds an elevated feel to any space. Cracks throughout the wood add an even more sophisticated feeling to this flooring.

For a lighter wood option the Sante is a beautiful medium-tone brown. This color is sure to add warmth to a space while keeping it feeling spacious.

Scipione is a unique wood color in this collection. With its stunning blend of light brown with hints of yellow and red tones, this is a flooring option that is sure to make a statement in your space.

Valerio is a more subdued flooring option. This flooring has an overall grey-brown tone to it with hints of darker browns throughout. It keeps a space feeling open, clean, and minimal. This is another great option for those looking for hardwood flooring that has a more modern feel.

This is truly a collection that can elevate a space and with so many colors to choose from there is certain to be something for you depending on your interior design style and the goals for your space. For more Bella Cera hardwood flooring options be sure to check out their other collections!

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