Bella Cera Chambord

Bella Cera Chambord
The Bella Cera Chambord collection offers the stunning charm of natural hardwood flooring in a range of natural colors that compliment any home décor style from more traditional to contemporary styles. The wire brush on these floors and the knots throughout them give the floors in the Chambord collection a slightly aged and weathered appearance.

The Collection

The collection has three mid-tone honey brown flooring options. Chambord Averdon is a warm and inviting honey brown floor that has dark knots throughout. The color of this floor gives it charm and character. It would pair well with neutral home décor. Chambord Menars has a similar appearance to it. Chambord Maves is a slightly darker brown flooring option. This floor is a mid-tone chestnut brown floor with hints of blonde tones throughout.

The Chambord collection has a range of options when it comes to charcoal/grey floors. Chambord Moulin is a slightly charcoal floor that is a blend of light browns and slight blends of chestnut browns. This floor adds a sophisticated feel to a space and is perfect for a formal living room or home office space. Chambord Millancay is a blend of charcoal greys, chestnut browns, and dark brown knots. Chambord Villerbon is an elegant floor that is a blend of light browns, darker browns, and greys. Chambord Neuvy is a blend of light browns, light greys, and dark greys. The blend of colors is a mix of both browns and greys. Chambord Cellettes is a blend of light tan tones and greys throughout with dark brown knots throughout.

One of the darkest colors in this collection is Chambord Bracieux. This floor is a dark blend of rich, dark brown and cherry browns. This floor has a rich and sophisticated feel to it. The boldness of the floor gives any space a sophisticated and formal feel.

See something that you think would fit your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring or the Bella Cera collection in general. To see more hardwood collections from Bella Cera check them out here.

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