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Bella Cera Zurich

Bella Cera Zurich
Bella Cera offers the highest quality handcrafted hardwood floors available. These hardwood floors stand out from the mass-marketed hardwood flooring that is on the market. Each Bella Cera hardwood plank is hand-scraped, leading to planks that are distinctively distressed and one-of-a-kind. Machine scraped planks on the other hand are identically scrapped, making for massed produced and unnatural looking planks. Bella Cera also prides itself on dual-hand staining. By hand applying the two coats of stain onto the planks, a depth and richness is added to the planks. Machine staining, on the other hand, is mass spray staining that creates an unnatural and flat appearance on wood planks. Thirty tools are used in order to achieve natural looking planks that are filled with marks as well as wear and tears. A wood core of seven cross-hatched layers of real wood creates a stable and durable plank that can withstand water and weather damage. This is important when considering wood flooring, as wood can easily be susceptible to damages.

The Bella Cera Zurich collection is made up of sixteen different hardwood flooring options to choose from. The collection includes Hickory and Maple hardwood. The collection is made up of rustic character grade hardwood floors that reflect the quality that you can expect from Bella Cera. The hardwood planks in this collection are wire-brushed in order to preserve the cracks and knots that can be found throughout the planks. These planks are finished with an American Valspar stain finish that doesn’t contain any formaldehyde, ammonia, or heavy metals.

Bella Cera Zurich hardwood can be installed by being glued, nailed, stapled, or floated. Bella Cera offers both a fifty year residential and commercial warranty. Planks come in width of 4"/5"/6" and varying lengths of 15 - 60 in with a thickness of 3/8”.

The Collection

With sixteen different flooring options to choose from, this collection offers a variety of rich and bold flooring options that are sure to add character and personality to your space.

If you’re looking for a lighter hardwood flooring options you may want to consider Pavia, Veneto, Turin, or Baveno. Pavia is a wire brushed and hand stained Hickory hardwood that is a light and warm brown with knots throughout. Veneto is a unique Maple hardwood floor that has beautiful cuts of dark brown throughout. This makes for a floor that has a lot of depth and character to it. Turin is a warm Hickory hardwood with undertones of yellow throughout. Baveno is a medium brown Maple hardwood floor. This is the perfect type of floor for a home office or home library space.

For some deep cherry brown hardwood flooring, consider Cecina, Livorno, Padua, and Syracuse. Livorno is a deep cherry brown Hickory hardwood floor that will add sophistication to a space. For a slightly lighter version of Livorno consider Cecina.

Considering a medium brown hardwood floor? Acri, Lido, Mira, and Novara are all great options to choose from. Mira has a unique blend of light hints of cherry brown throughout the hardwood. Acri and Novara both have hints of light yellow throughout add a warmth to the wood.

For a darker and more dramatic look to a space, consider Foggia and Rimini. Foggia is a dark brown Maple hardwood floor that is bold and rich. Rimini is a dark brown Hickory hardwood floor that elevates a space. Both floors add a boldness and richness to a space regardless of the home décor.

See something from this collection that you love? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. If you would like to see more hardwood options from Bella Cera, be sure to check out their other collections.

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