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Bella Cera Venice

Bella Cera Venice
Bella Cera Venice Collection

The Bella Cera Venice hardwood collection is a beautiful work of art, consisting of stylish acacia surfaces; hence, durability and elegance are the two words that can best describe said hand-carved engineered hardwood compilation. This line is suitable for most traditional interiors, as well as ideal to be mixed and matched in more eclectic ways. The flexibility in color and the naturality of its aspect are two characteristics that make this collection a perfect match for creative and sophisticated innovators. This your chance to find your own style through the most exclusive wood planks.

First of all, the color palette offered by this compilation is a gorgeous scale of natural browns and tans you won’t be able to resist. Starting with their Milan option, this blond background and chocolate brown touches are the perfect addition to a glamorous traditional concept all style conservatives will be able to enjoy. Moreover, because we know that cherry red is never out of style, their Assisi selection is a rich terracotta tonality screaming distinction and innovation. Followed by these shades of cherry is Messina, which subtly resembles a stunning light macore. Furthermore, if you’re striving to escalate these reds to their darkest and most rustic versions, then make sure to take a closer look to Naple, a fully grained rust background with a few touches of dark mahogany to create that exquisite contrast found on the most “homey” and traditional spaces. Also, other tonalities such as Turin and Sicily are here to remind us about the key of today’s most popular interior design trends: darker floors always do it best. This is especially true when referring to that gorgeous dark walnut brown and its darkest espresso version represented through Sicily.

Add an elegant satin finish and hand antiqued edge, along with a varied range in lengths and a ⅜” thickness: These 4-¾” wide planks are everything you were expecting to find in hardwood floors and more, presenting you with more than enough options to customize your home with sophistication and style. Make your way through the latest fashion trends by selecting Bella Cera Venice collection.
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