Republic Floor Great Oregon

Republic Floor Great Oregon
The Republic Floor Great Oregon Oak Collection is rich in color and textures as it boasts the look of the Pacific Northwest and brings the majestic look into your home. The feeling of being surrounded by peace and serenity is captured with the natural look of the trees. With state-of-the-art extra-wide flooring, Republics collection offers larger planks for a more realistic look of older flooring.

Republics new pure SPC showcases waterproof and inert technology within the floors of the Oregon Oak Collection. The brand new anti-bacterial EVA underlayment padding attaches to the floor planks to provide seamless installation as well as top-of-the-line noise insulation.

The bevel-sided edges of the Water Oak offer a beautiful look mixed with shades of light brown and medium brown. The Water Oak is fit for any home chasing a northwest vibe. The dense oak flooring is 8mm thick along with 60 inches of length and 9 inches of width that makes installation an easy process.

Holm Oak offers an aged look that is sure to embrace the eye. With a medium brown look and a weathered texture, Holm Oak will pair well with a warm fireplace setting at night and beautiful scenery in the daytime. True to Republic and its Oregon Oak Collection, the Holm Oak offers a dense floor built to provide maximum stability and durability.

An impressive and fierce look, Japanese Oak provides customers with a floor built to steal the show. The gray flooring shadowed by brown tones offers a look that can accent with almost any color. The swirling patterns of the oak floor stand out with this products lighter shades. Japanese Oak and its larger planks provide strength and stability along with waterproof and inert features.

Oregon White Oak stands alone when it comes to offering a lighter shade in the Oregon Oak Collection. The white oak seems fit for a vineyard setting or somewhere where plenty of greenery rules the environment. Just like the other floors in the collection, the Oregon White Oak has the same durability and protection built to last with the limited 25-year residential warranty.

Sessile Oak offers a lighter touch on the brown side. The more pragmatic and neutral shades of oak give a bit of life to a home wanting to bring a northwest look to a modern world. Sessile may not be as bold as some of the other oaks in the collection, but its quality, durability, and elegant look matches the rest.

The Gray Oak is one of the lighter shades in the Oregon Oak Collection. It isnt as light as the white oak, but the gray has touches of white undertones that allow for a promising glow that will paint a beautiful picture detailing your home. The Gray oak pushes aside a standard gray look for one that elevates itself to new heights.

Harvard Oak is where bold meets beautiful. The darker grays meet touches of lighter grays in this elegant ensemble. The oak proves that a medley of shades ripe with rich texture can make for a wonderful addition to the Oregon Oak Collection. You can feel security with this floor thanks to its look as well as the thick planks that provide the ultimate in stability, durability, and strength.
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