Republic Floor Mountain Oak

Republic Floor Mountain Oak
Living in the mountains is often a dream of many. The escape from reality to snowfall and peace is one that draws many to think big. Republic Floors Mountain Oak collection desires to do the same with luxury vinyl flooring engineered to make you feel like your cozied up in the peaks. Just like Republics other vinyl floors, the Mountain Oak collection provides the look of natural hardwood flooring while offering more benefits at a reduced cost.

The Mountain Oak collection features Republics extra wide flooring with 9 x 60 planks that boast beveled edges interwoven with Republics SPC technology. The SPC technology is completely waterproof an inert thanks to 8mm thickness with an anti-bacterial underlayment designed to reduce noise. This allows for the vinyl to be placed in areas around the home that normally wouldnt see hardwood floors, such as bathrooms. The acoustic technology also allows for a quieter walk and peace of mind knowing you can get around the house without waking anyone up.

The Mountain Oak collection boasts five strong oaks certain to induce feelings of being surrounded by nature. Each vinyl offers a different look and feel based on the vision you have for your home and its ultimate destination.

Black Mountain is exactly as it sounds. Its a dark black Oak with very subtle brown streaks shining through. Its an aggressive floor that is fit for a specific look.

Carmel is a neutral brown oak giving a refreshing look of a floor fit for a mountain home not far from the coast. Light brown undertones highlight the vinyl to create a beautiful pattern that also gives off a bit of a weathered look.

Named after its mountainous predecessor, Denali is a strong-looking Oak boasting a warm brown and gold pattern engineered to provide a feeling of strength and solitude. This is perfect for a home that wants to give a cabin vibe while displaying a stunning natural hardwood look.

Etna is the second darkest flooring in the Mountain Oak collection and is a bit opposite to the Mountain. Etna is a dark brown wood with dark patterns running parallel. If the Black Mountain is too dark for your liking, Etna is enough of a step back to offer a more neutral option.

Mount Blanc is a rich brown with a natural hardwood look that provides the same beautiful patterns as the other vinyl floors in the collection.

The Mountain Oak collection provides a limited 25-year residential warranty along with a limited 10-year commercial warranty. You can have peace of mind knowing youre receiving a high-end quality product built to last thanks to Republics SPC technology that is guaranteed to provide your home with durability, strength and a look you can be proud of.
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