Republic Floors Woodland Oak

Republic Floors Woodland Oak
The Republic Floors Woodland Oak collection offers a range of stunning flooring options.

The floors are 100% waterproof and completely pet friendly. These floors are meant to withstand a range of everyday wear and tear.

The Woodland Oak floors are FloorScore certified. This means that the floors have been certified to be in compliance with California indoor air emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds. The floors are safe and do not have any potential health effects for people.

When it comes to installation, these floors can be installed using the Uniclic method. This method is do it yourself friendly. Planks easily click into place and installation is relatively fast.

The collection comes with a Limited 25 year Residential warranty and a Limited 10 year Commercial warranty.

The Collection

The Woodland Oak collection comes in a variety of seven different flooring options. The collection ranges from light whites to warm, chestnut browns. The majority of the flooring in this collection has cooler tones to it.

Valley Oak is a blend of light, ashy brown tones and warmer mid-tone chestnut browns. The flooring has brown knots throughout and an overall light, slightly rustic appearance to it. Chestnut Oak is a blend of light beige and tan tones with dark knots throughout. The floor adds a calm yet sophisticated feel to a space. Post Oak is a stunning neutral flooring option that would pair well with lighter home décor options. The floor is a light chestnut floor with knots and graining throughout.

White Oak is a light grey contemporary floor that pairs well with a range of interior design spaces. The floor is a blend of light grey, almost white tones and slightly darker grey flooring options with knots throughout. Southern Oak is another light flooring option that blend together light white and beige tones. Both of the floors are perfect for opening up a space. Bear Oak is a blend of warm chestnut tones. It is one of the darkest flooring options in the collection and adds warmth to a space. Canyon Oak is a light blonde floor that is a perfect neutral flooring option for a kitchen or living room space.

See something that you think would fit your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring or the Woodland Oak collection in general.

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