Republic Floor The Meadows

Republic Floor The Meadows
The Republic Floors Lion Meadows collection combines strength, durability, stability, and style together to create a floor that is perfect for both residential and commercial spaces.

When it comes to long lasting flooring, this collection delivers. Planks in the Lion Meadows collection are 40% denser than any other WPC or SPC vinyl floor. The floors also come with a robust surface of Pure SPC Max that virtually never wears out so you can be certain your floors will last for years to come.

The planks in this collection can be installed using the Uniclic joint locking system. This way of installing the floor uses a DIY friendly angling and snapping the planks into place. This makes for an installation process that is quick and easy and completely do it yourself friendly.

The Lion Meadows floors are FloorScore certified. The certification is the most recognized indoor air quality certification for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayments.

The collection comes with a 50 year Residential warranty and a 10 year Commercial warranty.

The Collection

The Lion Meadows collection offers a range of grey flooring choices to choose from. Iris Tan is one of the darkest flooring options in the collection. The floor is a dark grey blend of light grey and charcoal greys that blend together to create a contemporary floor. Gray Stream is another dark grey floor in the collection that is a moody blend of light, ashy greys and dark greys. White Reef is one of the lightest colors in the collection. The floor is a light, ashy grey that has hints of dark knots throughout. The lightness of the grey gives this floor a contemporary appearance. Oasis Grey is a mid-tone grey floor that adds a rustic feel to a space/ The floor is a blend of charcoal greys and light, ashy white-greys.

Harvest Cream is a blend of light, distressed greys and mid-tone grey-browns. Burberry Light is another floor that blend together tones of brown and grey. The two tones blended together gives any space a rustic yet sophisticated appearance.

For a warm, graham cracker brown, there is Desert Blend. This floor is a blend of warm chestnut browns and light blondes. The blend adds a traditional yet still very contemporary feel to a space. The color of the floor is a stunning neutral brown so it can be paired with a range of different home décor styles. For a light tan floor that adds a soothing touch to a space there is Princess Hazel.

See a vinyl flooring option in the Republic Floors Lions Meadows collection that would be perfect for your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring or the Lions Meadows collection in general. To see more collections from Republic Floors, click here.

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