Republic Floor The Rock

Republic Floor The Rock
Republic Floors Rock series provides an elegant, timeless look that pairs with the look of any space, from modern to traditional. The floors will become the bedrock of any room, from design to stability. With classic neutral tones, this collection goes with virtually every color to give your space limitless design possibilities.

This collection is truly timeless, in both style and protection. Along with a 20mil wear layer, each enhanced vinyl plank is finished with Aluminum Oxide UV+Ceramic beads to protect it against any potential damage or scuffing. Built based on Republic Floors Pure SPC Max flooring range, these floors are some of the strongest and most stable. Their thicker sound-proof underlay and textured vinyl overlay will ensure the floors will never shrink or expand, while reducing noise and damage in even the most high-traffic areas. The floors are 100% water proof making them perfect for those with pets, children, or other mess-prone spaces.

These floors offer the grandeur of natural wood with a four-sided bevel that gives each board a unique look. The floors are embossed in register to create the realistic depth and indentations found in hardwood floors. These features provide an effortless design element in any space. With a breathtaking 9 x 60 board size, this collection is perfect for opening up your space. And when it comes to installation, these floating floors are perfect for the do it yourself crowd, no glue involved. The floors use the Uniclic installation method that allows each plank to easily click into place for a fast and pain free installation process.

Rock floors are FloorScore certified, meaning they have been certified to be in compliance with California indoor air emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds. These floors are built with safety standards in mind to protect all people who come into contact with them against potential health risks.

Wood Plastic Composite, Pure SPC, flooring is quickly emerging as a game changer in popular modern flooring choices. Commonly referred to as enhanced vinyl plank, luxury vinyl flooring or waterproof vinyl, Pure SPC Max offers maximum strength, maximum durability, maximum stability, and maximum style. Where laminate falls short, these floors pick up the slack by being 100% water proof. As said above, these floors are completely pet friendly. They are also great for a range of spaces, from classroom to bathroom. Pure SPC Max flooring out performs traditional vinyl as well with its rigid core that will hide any unevenness in the subfloor, making format options as wide or as long as you would like. These floors are also easily installed over cracks or divots in subfloors, eliminating any and all installation anxiety.

The collection comes with peace of mind with a Limited 50 year Residential warranty and a Limited 10 year Commercial warranty. This collection offers six selections with mostly neutral tones that go well with any color palette. No matter what aesthetic youre looking to create, this collection has an options that will pair well with whatever your spaces decor may be.

Starting with a more traditional option, California Gold, blends shades of medium blonde with brown. Graining of darker shades of brown are speckled throughout each board to give it the most realistic look. Its perfect for creating that classic feel in a space that will never go out of style. Those looking for a darker brown option will find Southern Magnolia 2 the most ideal. With warm hues, this selection takes a chestnut base and splashes it with hints of a sandy brown to give depth to each board. This option will give your space a chic look that is perfect for putting against a brighter decor color palette to make every color in a room pop. Those in search of a lighter shade of beige will need to look no further than Silver Elm. This selection gives a maple wood floor look, with swirls of neutral creamy tans and brown hues that can be dressed up or down for any space.

This collection also offers stunning greys. River Cypress offers that contemporary feel with frosty grey tones freckled with darker grey graining. This selection is ideal for creating an open space that is ready to embrace the most modern of aesthetics. If a slightly darker grey look is being sought after, Norway Oak will be the choice. This selection takes those medium shades of grey with swirls of lighter shades to provide a cool, contemporary feel to a space that pairs well with virtually every color. Last but not least, Coastal Sand takes those beachy tans with darker, neutral brown hues that will create a paradise in any space. The relaxing, calm feel of this selection will make any room feel like a beach front getaway.

Are you ready to make your space chic and timeless with Republic Floors Rock collection? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring or the Lion Rock collection in general.
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