Provenza New York Loft

Provenza New York Loft
The Provenza New York Loft collection offer a range of stunning White Oak floors that give a space the character and elegance of natural hardwood flooring. With planks that have been lightly wire brushed and color variation that gives depth and design, these floors elevate any space. The New York Loft collection from Provenza is inspired by the east coast vibe and is offered in a range of contemporary colors, perfect for creating a space that reflects the designs of today.

Each engineered plank in the New York Loft collection is completely unique. No two boards this collection are exactly the same. Each plank is individually handcrafted, meaning that there are a variety of variations in the color, character, grain, stain, and finishes throughout the flooring. The planks are finished with a Polyurethane wood finish. This helps protect each engineered wood plank from scratches and help prevent them from water damage overall. On top of those benefits, the finish gives planks a glossy, smooth finish and improve the overall durability of the planks.

The Provenza New York Loft collection can be installed using the glue down, staple, or float method. This offers a range of possibilities when it comes to installation. Planks come in a width of 7.48" and random length of up to 62. For trimming options, these floors are compatible with quarter rounds, rush stair noses, square noses, t-moldings, and reducers.

In terms of warranties, the New York Loft collection comes with a 25 year Finish warranty as well as a Lifetime Construction Residential warranty. There is also a 3 year Finish warranty and a 25 year Construction Commercial warranty.

The Provenza New York Loft Collection

The Provenza New York Loft collection offers a range of stunning color options to choose from. In terms of grey flooring options, this collection has a few options available. Big Apple is a blend of light greys, mid-tone browns, and mid-tone greys. This all blends together to create a floor that is sophisticated and has a slightly rustic appearance to it. Chelsea Pier is a light, ashy grey floor. This floor almost has a white appearance to it. Union Square is a monotone, soothing, mid-tone grey floor. Rockaway Grey is on the warmer side in terms of color. This soothing floor is perfect for a more sophisticated space.

There are a number of brown flooring options in this collection. Canal Street is one of the lightest flooring options in this collection. This light blonde color is perfect for an open kitchen or living room space. With warm, mid-tone brown knots and graining throughout these floors, the flooring has a slightly rustic appearance to it. Tribeca is a very contemporary flooring option. A blend of light and warm tones, this floor has a very contemporary feel to it. . West End is another light blonde flooring option. This floor is more subdued and has an overall monotone appearance to it.

Park Place is a light, chestnut brown that is a warm blend of dark brown and warm mid-tone browns. This floor is contemporary, sleek, and luxurious. Carnegie Hall is a light brown and soothing floor that all around has a neutral, monotone appearance to it. Astoria is a blend of warm, mid-tone browns and light blondes. The contrast makes for a floor that is neutral but makes a statement. Center Stage is a blend of light, ashy browns and warm, mid-tone browns with knots and graining throughout. Kings Bridge is similar to Center Stage, but has a darker tone to it. Poets Corner is a light brown, soothing, contemporary floor. Sugar Hill is a light brown and blonde floor.

One of the most unique floors in this collection is Radio City. This floor is a blend of warm, chestnut browns, cherry browns, and light, browns. The contrast of the colors creates a unique blend of tones. This floor adds warmth to a space.

Pier 55 is a dark, bold floor that is rich and sophisticated. Penn Station is a blend of warm, dark browns and bright, light browns that are highly contrasted.

See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To check out more collections from Provenza hardwood, click here.

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