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Provenza Volterra

Provenza Volterra
The Provenza Volterra collection showcases the beauty and design of natural hardwood flooring. These floors are wire brushed and hand scraped with knots, cracks, and color variation throughout that give these floors a naturally aged and worn appearance.

The engineered planks in this collection come in a size of 7.48 inches wide and a length of 74.80 inches with an overall thickness of 5/8 inches.

In terms of installation, these floors can be installed using the glue down, float, or stapled method.

The Volterra collection comes with a Lifetime Construction Residential 3 year Finish and a 25 year Construction Commercial finish. The collection comes with a 25 year Finish.

The Provenza Volterra Collection

The Provenza Volterra collection is mostly made up of grey and light brown flooring options.

Castello is a blend of light greys and warm, mid-tone charcoal greys. This floor is contemporary and sleek. Grotto is a light grey floor that is subdued and mostly one tone. Naples has a similar appearance to Grotto, but overall this color is slightly darker. Pisa is a blend of light, ashy, weathered greys and dark, mid-tone charcoal greys. The blend creates a floor that is both weathered and worn.

Empora is a blend of very light browns and cool, light greys with dark knots throughout.

Cesara is an overall cooler tone. A blend of light, silver greys and bold, dark charcoals, this floor is a beautiful neutral backdrop to a space that still makes a statement.

Florence is one of the darkest grey flooring options in this collection. The floor is a dark blend of deep charcoals and light, warm, mid-tone greys.

Palermo is a blend of light greys and browns that come together to create a sophisticated floor.

When it comes to brown flooring options, this collection has a few choices. Italia is a bold, rich floor that is a blend of warm chestnut browns and light browns. Lazio is a light, ashy blonde brown floor. It has a contemporary and weathered appearance to it. Luna is a blend of ashy, weathered greys and light browns.

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