Provenza Lugano

The Provenza Lugano collection is made up of stunning European Oak hardwood floors that have been light wire brushed. The floors are multi-layered stained in colors that are contemporary while also having charm and character that makes them appear as though they have been around for years.

The collection is made up of engineered flooring. Why choose engineered flooring? These floors are stronger, more tolerant to moisture, and more durable than normal solid hardwood. Engineered floors are stronger than Engineer flooring is also more affordable and better for the environment.

The hardwood in this collection is European Oak. European Oak is a great option to use when it comes to hardwood flooring. It has a high density that is makes it strong and durable. This type of oak has beautiful tight natural grain variations that give floors a stunning appearance. European Oak is also highly resistant to insect and fungal attacks.

The planks can be installed using the glue down, staple, or float method.

The Provenza Lugano collection comes with a twenty-five year finish and a lifetime construction residential warranty.

The Collection

The Provenza Lugano collection comes in nine different colors to choose from. Bella is a light brown/grey flooring option. It has an overall subdued, dusted appearance to it. The subdued tones of the floor give it character and make it appear more rustic. Oro is another light brown hardwood flooring option. Similar to Bella, the tones in the floor are subdued. A blend of a variety of brown tones with hints of grey, this floor has a unique, rustic appearance to it. Terra is another flooring option in this collection that has a similar appearance to the previous two options. With warm brown hints, however, this floor offers a warmer appearance with knots and wire brushed planks. This makes for a floor that is warm, rustic, and inviting. Strada is another stunning option in this collection. These planks are a beautiful mix of dark rich knots, warm medium browns, and light chestnut browns. Perfect for an open space such as a living room. Bosco is a flooring option with light browns, warm chestnut browns, and hints of grey flooring. Como is a warm, yellow-hued brown hardwood flooring option. The light hues within the floor make it perfect for a space that has a lot of light throughout. It also pairs well with neutral furniture. Storia is another flooring option that is more subdued. With knots throughout and hints of both light and medium brown throughout, the floor is contemporary yet rustic in appearance. Volare has a similar appearance to it. Forma is a darker and richer color option. With warm, chocolatey browns, and light chestnut brown this floor I bold and makes a statement with its contrasting colors.

Hardwood flooring is a stunning flooring choice for any space. For more Provenza collections, take a look at more options here.

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