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The Provenza Antico collection was created by artisan craftsman who pay special attention to each and every plank. Each board is hand scraped, distressed, and hand stained to ensure that each floor has truly unique look to it.

The collection is full of color, character, grain and finish variation. This results in flooring that is authentic and varied, creating a floor that is bold and makes a statement in a space.

Planks comes in a size of 5.5" by 47" with a thickness of 9/16 inches.

The Antico collection can be installed using the glue down, staple, or float installation method.

When it comes to warranties, the Antico collection comes with a ten year finish and a lifetime construction residential warranty.

The Collection

The Provenza Antico collection is made up of eight bold and stunningly sophisticated colors. The floors all have a rustic, rich, and bold appearance to them, capturing the unique appearance of each and every plank.

When it comes to darker flooring options, this collection offers a variety of flooring choices. Caribou is a blend of rich, dark browns and warm, chestnut tones. This bold and dramatic flooring option is still warm and inviting while adding an element of sophistication to a space. Provenza Antico Vintage is another bold and dark option in this collection. Dark browns blend together with slight hints of light brown to create a flooring that is stunning when the light hints it. Heritage is a blend of dark browns with light hints of cherry browns. This is perfect for a space where you want to add a more rustic and bold floor to the area.

The Provenza Antico collection also offers a range of mid-tone flooring options. Provenza Antico Chamboard is a soothing mid-tone brown that is a blend of bold, dark browns and soothing mid-tone browns. The floor has a warm and inviting chestnut appearance to it. Stonehenge is a light brown with hints of dark brown knots throughout. Auburn is a rustic, cherry brown red that has an earthy feel to it. Clay is a soothing blend of light greys, light blondes, and slight, weathered hints of dark brown.

See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To check out more collections from Provenza hardwood, click here.

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