Provenza Old World

Provenza Old World
Provenza Old World hardwood flooring is a direct ode to old-world beauty complete with vintage accents that have the ability to take style to another age. Engineered with the finest quality of wood species like oak and birch, this array of hardwood floors is a tour de force that easily allows a designer to capitalize on the natural beauty of any interior. Tap into ages past with the incomparable charm and sophistication of artisan-crafted wood.

If you are looking for a collection that possesses a wonderful balance of aged beauty and modern eco-friendly sensibility, you have found it with Provenza's Old World flooring. Complete with aged charm, each selection teleports your space to the days of horse-drawn carriages and bridges overlooking rivers that flow through the French countryside past rolling green hills. Shades like Cocoa Powder, Fossil Stone, Tortoise Shell, and Weathered Ash showcase the versatility of hardwood with a broad range of bright light patinas and infinitely rich dark finishes. An entire old-world forest of opportunity awaits. Each piece of flooring is made with creativity and the loving detail of an old-world artisan master equipped with modern technology.

Provenza Old World flooring comes in 7.5-inch-wide planks with random lengths for maximum visual variation and flow. All are hand-distressed by artisans with wire brushing and coated with a fine matte polyurethane finish. Strong, mature personality leaps out from each of the cracks, knots, and chiseled edges. These sharply fashioned custom floors have the resilience to withstand all of the world's trials and tribulations with the refinement of a Victorian lady. The very presence of this floor in a room exudes stylish superiority. There is no match for the lasting value of a hardwood floor produced by master artisans at the height of their craft. Provenza Old World hardwood is sure to increase value in any residential or commercial space where it is applied.

Harwood flooring is a stunning flooring choice for any space. For more Provenza collections, take a look at more options here.

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