DM Royal Oak Maison

DM Royal Oak Maison
DM Royal Oak Maison hardwood flooring is a series worthy of admiration by all current users and designers, offering a classic and irresistible French look popular in modern contemporary and more traditional spaces today. Can you imagine yourself in a glamorous and cozy cafe in the most exclusive streets of Paris? Do you see that exquisite color selection of darker browns and subtle grays included in your home and/or office? If that�s so, this is definitely a collection you may want to look at.

With a color palette consisting of their banister beige Amande, their cinnamon hue Bisque, their exquisitely traditional and autumn maple resembling Cognac, that beautiful walnut wainscot resemblance on their Esquire, the modern rusticity of their Fume Blanc, their rustic gray Fume Gris, their brazilnut resembling Slate, and their darkest and most modern charcoal selection Terrazzo, these 10 and 1/4 inch wide by 87 inches long and 7 and 1/2 inch up to75 inch in length planks (depending upon the color) are here to provide you with an authentic natural hardwood floor look you will enjoy.

Once again, the sizes offered by this hardwood floor compilation are meant to feature the most attractive characteristics and flexibilities of natural wood, while containing every single advantage of a UV cured oil finish. This last feature and their 4 mm face veneer make these surfaces resistant to moisture and scratches, as well as capable of receiving high and constant amounts of traffic. In other words, you�re free to incorporate this gorgeous series into your residential and commercial spaces without stressing about its sustainability and/or the complications of future maintenance. These pieces are designed to be aesthetically beautiful, functional and simple to maintain throughout the years.

Finally, suitable for glue down, staple or float installations, one of the distinctions between DM Royal Oak and DM Royal Oak Maison is that this last group is finished with Sherwin Williams, bringing out different shades and tonalities you haven�t seen before! At the end, it�s all about expanding your horizons and finding the surface that works for you.
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