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DM Flooring Silver Oak

DM Flooring Silver Oak
The Silver Oak collection is made up of eight stunning French White Oak flooring options. These floors are rich, bold, and make a statement in a space. With durability and a beautiful design, the Silver Oak collection has a lot to offer.

Each plank in the Silver Oak collection is wire brushed and multi-ply engineered. Planks have a UV Cured Urethane finish. This helps the flooring stay more durable overtime.

The collection is also FloorScore certified. FloorScore certification is completely voluntary. This certification insures that floors meet indoor air quality certification standards for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayments.

When it comes to installation, these floors can be installed using the glue down, staple down, nail down, and float method. Due to the variety of installation methods available, installation should be quick and easy as these floors can be installed using a range of methods.

The Silver Oak collection comes with a 25 year Residential Surface Finish warranty, a 3 year Commercial Surface Finish warranty, and a Lifetime Structural Integrity warranty.

The Silver Oak Collection

The Silver Oak collection comes in a range of eight stunningly rich and bold White Oak hardwood flooring options. From light blondes to honey browns and black coffee browns, this collection has it all. Depending on the type of interior design style in a space, this collection offers something for everyone.

French Roast is the darkest color option in the collection. A blend of dark, black coffee browns and warm, chestnut browns with light browns mixed throughout, this floor is bold and dynamic.

Stonewood is a soothing blend of greys and muted mid-tone browns with hints of dark brown throughout. Storm is a dark, muted grey floor. It is mostly cohesive in term of color with only a slight mix of light greys throughout. This creates a floor that has a slightly rustic and weathered appearance to it.

For spaces that are in need of lighter, calming colors, there is Coastal Sand and Desert Sand. Coastal Sand is a light, soothing blend of blonde tones and shades of slightly darker blondes. Desert Sand is a blend of light blondes, whites, and light browns. Both of these flooring options are perfect for a bright, open space and make a stunning, neutral backdrop to a space.

Butterscotch is a bold, mid-tone brown that is sophisticated and contemporary. This is perfect for adding a slightly rustic feel to a space. The bold colors and the smooth appearance of the floor give it an elevated feel.

Belgian Brown is a slightly rustic looking floor. A blend of light yellows, warm, chestnut browns, and dark bold knots, Belgian Brown is a varied, multi-colored floor that adds a unique touch to a space.

Khaki Suede is a blend of light yellows and light browns with light brown knots throughout. This blend is the perfect warm neutral backdrop to any space.

See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We are here to answer any questions you may have about this collection, other collections, or flooring in general.

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