DM Flooring Casa

DM Flooring Casa
Made up of seven stunning French Oak hardwood flooring options, the Casa Wide Plank collection offers wide plank hardwood flooring that can stand the test of time. These hardwood floors are durable and made to last. French Oak is one of the most popular options when it comes to hardwood floors. French Oaks have a lot of strength and resilience, which in turn creates wood floors that are built to last and withstand wear and tear over time.

The collection is made up of planks that are wide, just as the name suggests. There are many benefits to having wide plank flooring in your space. Firstly, wide planks are easier to install. Having wider planks means that there are less planks to install so installation goes a lot faster. Secondly, wide planks are especially beneficial for smaller spaces. Wider planks make a space appear more expansive. Thirdly, wide planks have a greater variety of wood grain which leads to a more natural and unique flooring look.

The French Oak planks in the Casa Wide Plank collection are wire brushed and finished with an Ultra Matte UV Lacquer. Planks come in 5/8" x 7-1/2" x Random up to 71". Modern Craftsman offers a twenty-five year residential limited surface finish warranty as well as a three year commercial limited surface finish warranty. There is also a lifetime structural integrity warranty. In terms of installation, the glue down, nail, staple, or float method all work with this flooring.

The Collection

The Casa Wide Plank collection is made up of seven hardwood flooring options to choose from. From light brown to grey and dark brown, there are plenty of options available. Hardwood flooring can go with any space regardless of the interior designs. Sand and Pale are both light and bright medium brown hardwood floors. This is perfect for a space that you want to be warm, open, and inviting. It would complement a living room space and go well with neutral furniture. On the bolder end of the spectrum theres Grove and Valley. Grove is a dark brown hardwood floor that is rich and bold. It is perfect for adding a sophisticated look and feel to a space. Valley is a warm chestnut brown. Greige is a muted grey hardwood floor. With dark brown knots and a dusty look to it, this hardwood floor has an overall antique look to it. Patina and Biscuit are both a blend of different colors. Patina is a warm, rustic looking hardwood floor. With a blend of warm yellows, medium tone browns, and dark knots of wood. Biscuit is light brown that is perfect for a living room or kitchen space. The lightness of the wood opens up a space while the dark knots add character to it.

See a flooring option that would be perfect for your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring or the Casa Wide Plank collection in general.

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