DM Flooring Modern Craftsman

DM Flooring Modern Craftsman
The Modern Craftsman collection is made up of four different flooring lines. Each line is made up of European Oak that is wire brushed, multi-ply engineered, and finished with UV Cured Urethane.

The lines vary in terms of size. The Studio line comes in plank sizes of 7/16� W: 6� RL up to 59� while the Signature line comes in planks sizes of 5/8� W: 9-1/2� RL up to 86.5�. For the Resort line the planks are 1/2� W: 7-1/2� RL up to 82.5� and 1/2� W: 6.0� RL up to 75� for the Coastal line.

All of these lines come with a fifty year residential surface finish warranty as well as a three year commercial surface finish warranty. There is also a lifetime structural integrity warranty. For installation these planks can be installed using the glue down, staple down, nail, or float method.

The Collections

The Studio Line

The Studio Line collection is made up of five European Oak flooring options. While the collection is small it still offers a range of colors to choose from. Sea Salt is a soothing and calm grey and light brown flooring option. The light grey gives these floors a dusty, almost wintery look to them. This is great for a bathroom or kitchen space. Grey Lagoon is a range of browns blended together. From the warmth of a more yellow brown to subdued medium browns, these floors are warm yet modern. These make a great addition to a kitchen or living room area. Ashwood is the darkest color in this collection. Dark brown wood blends together with hints of grey and cherry brown in order to create a worn, rustic appearance to this hardwood floor. Butternut is a blend of butternut brown with a blend of frosty grey throughout. This unique blend of colors creates a floor that stands out in a space. Sandbank is light and soothing floor that opens up a space. A blend of light brown hardwood with hints of grey and tan browns, this is the perfect flooring for a modern cabin feel to a space.

The Coastal Line

The Coastal Line is made up of color that aren�t as warm, but instead are more grey, subdued brown, or rich and bold. Timber Cove is the darkest color option in the collection. This is blend of dark browns that give the flooring an overall aged and antique feel. If you want to add more character to a space, this is the perfect option for you. Lakeside is a blend of greys and light browns that come together to create a flooring that is has a more rustic appearance to it. Lighthouse is a sandy brown blended with hints of grey and warm browns throughout. Bayport is another more rustic floor look, however, with a unique blend of greys, cherry browns, and light browns. Carmel is the perfect hardwood flooring for a minimalist interior design. This light brown hardwood floor with knots throughout gives a space a soothing and open feel to it.

The Resort Line

The Resort Line contains six hardwood flooring options to choose from. Mustique is a stunning chestnut brown with light hints of yellow throughout and dark knots. This gives the wood an overall warm and inviting feel to it. Calais is a sandy hardwood floor that is a blend of greys and light browns. Havana is the boldest flooring color in the collection. A blend of rich dark brown mixed with light browns throughout, this floor makes a bold statement in any space. The dark color can complement dark furniture well. Aviara is a blend of light browns, light greys, with hints of dark brown throughout. Coronado is a soothing tan brown hardwood floor. This is perfect for a space that you want to remain open with lots of sunlight. Bonaire is perfect for making a space feel more rustic and giving it almost a cottage feel.

The Signature Line

The Signature collection is made up of four European Oak hardwood floors. Belvedere is a light brown floor with hints of darker brown throughout. This hardwood floor would work well in a kitchen or living room space. Casablanca is a warm medium tone brown that adds a rich and rustic feel to a space. Hamilton is a warm and yellow hued brown that has a cabin feel to it. If you need more warmth in a kitchen or loving room space, this is the perfect flooring option. Aberdeen is a light and soothing blend of greys and very light browns. The blends of greys give this hardwood flooring a very calming feel to a space.

See a flooring option that would be perfect for your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring or the Studio Line collection in general.

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