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Crossville Cross-Colors Mingles

Crossville  Cross-Colors Mingles

The Crossville Cross-Colors Mingles porcelain tile collection creates a look in a space that is rustic as well as elegant, offering homeowners the chance to design versatile, tasteful spaces with personality and style. This tile is durable for interior or exterior use, including flooring and walls in either commercial or residential applications, and looks beautiful no matter where it is used. There are a variety of tile sizes available to choose from, including 6 x 6 , 8 x 8 , and 12 x 12 , allowing for unique patterns, color schemes, and other designs to be created with ease.

The color options available in the Crossville Cross-Colors Mingles collection of porcelain tile are as versatile in appearance as this tile series is in applicable styles, including colors such as Sand, a light tan; Stonehenge, a light brown; Mercury, a greyish white; Graphite, a dark almost grey brown; Truffle, a pinkish tan; Onyx, a blackish shade; and various others, allowing all to customize their space with a unique design that is true to their own personal taste. These floors are absolutely gorgeous, and are sure to hold up to daily use for years to come, offering a beautiful, functional tile flooring solution that adds style and flair to any space where it is applied.

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