Crossville Moonstruck

Crossville Moonstruck
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The Crossville Moonstruck tile collection is as beautiful as the moon itself. Inspired by the beauty of untouched celestial surfaces, this selection takes a look at our own stunning stones, such as marble and mixes it with the beauty of the macro-universe. Together, this inspiration makes something beautiful with our own stones right here on Earth.

This celestial inspired tiling has 5 light and mystical color options for you to choose from to fit any project you have with beauty and grace. The Crossville Moonstruck Kosmos hue is a brilliant and smooth tan color with darker tan veining inspired by marble stone. This collection re-imagines your typical marble veining however by creating veins that run vertically rather than in a sporadic sequence similar to lightning. Juno is a very soft ivory color with deep ivory veining, producing a soft and elegant hue that produces an airy yet classy atmosphere. Luna leads the way into the grey palettes, with a soft, light grey hue that has been inspired by the very moon herself. While the veining is dark grey and vertical in appearance, Luna strays somewhat from the established vertical and uniform veining design with slivers of veining branching out in a typical marble fashion. Gemini is a standard grey color with primarily dual tones of grey dominating each particular piece of tile rather than veining, thus having Gemini live up to its name as each hue works to dominate a particular piece. Apollo comes in as a rich, charcoal grey color also featuring a dual tone of darker grey colors with occasional veining here and there, creating more of a smooth, grey tile design.

The cosmic Crossville Moonstruck tile selection comes in two contemporary sizes for you to choose from. There is the large 18x36 format, which is excellent for commercial settings and really showing off each tile design. There is also the smaller 12x24 format which is better suited for residential spaces. Though smaller, each piece still shows off its majestic beauty and can really wow with each tile working together. To finish the look, there are Bullnose options available to give your project the finishing touch it needs.

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