Crossville Basalt

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The Crossville Basalt porcelain stone collection is inspired by the volcanic rock. Only the difference is, while volcanic rock is rough and not necessarily pleasing to the eye (unless its a geode), this tile collection is beautiful, elegant, modern, and stylish to behold.

Coming in 5 earthy colors inspired by stone, they will win their way into your project design with their hint of crystalline sparkle and charm. The Crossville Basalt Mafic is nearly black in appearance with its rich, dark grey color inspired by cooling magma. Like stone, this hue is composed of speckles of white, dark greys, and hints of brown to produce the overall Mafic color. The hue of Magma is a close rival Mafic in the cooling magma color. Magma is cooler than Mafic in the cooling process, thus giving way to a lighter grey color which is composed of grey colored graining similar to that of rock. Bedrock departs the dark blacks of cooling manga and moves towards a blueish grey color of stone. Composed of mostly blueish grey grains there are hints of white and black graining within to give Bedrock its color depth. Silica takes on the look of silvery stone which is streaked with taupe colors and hints of charcoal grey speckling, giving Silica a unique appearance different from the previous hues mentioned. Caldera is a rich sandy color bordering on taupe in shade. Grey and dark beige speckle across the light beige background in a diagonal fashion making Caldera similar in design to that of Magma and Mafic.

The gorgeous Crossville Basalt porcelain stone collection comes in two sizes for you to choose from to suit your individual project needs. There is the contemporary 12x24 format for those that enjoy the rectangular look of tile that is excellent for living rooms. There is also the classic 12x12 format for those that like the traditional format of squared tiles which is excellent for spaces such as kitchens. To complete the look, this tile collection offers Bullnose options for you to choose from to make sure your project gets the rounded off look it needs.

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