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Provenza Q-Stone

Provenza Q-Stone
The Provenza Q-Stone tile collection is unlike any type of tile youve seen before. One part tile and one part rough stone, this collection is certainly in a league of its own in terms of design. With a rough grain texture reticent of stone or even bark of a tree, this tile is glossed off with a smooth, shiny finish all while retaining its rough look. And not only does it look different, it is also completely versatile. If youre looking for a unique stone flooring for your indoor setting or outdoor setting, this particular collection can suit any need.

This collection comes in 4 unique hues, all inspired by what youd find in nature. There is the Provenza Q-Stone Ice which is a rich beige color grained with greys and dark beiges, creating a texture reminiscent of tree bark. Sand is a golden brown color, also featuring the rough graining texture reminiscent of tree bark. Walnut is a rich chocolatey brown color with a hearty dose of darker grained texture. Now, there are different types of tile within this collection as well. Grey is the standard grey color with streaks of light and darker grey flowing throughout the tile mixed in with the unique rough texture of the Natural, unpolished selection of these tiles. This tile collection also features a semi-polished option titled Lappato. The final style option, Strutturato, is polished and glossed, creating a very unique look with this roughly textured tile that feels smooth and glossy to the touch.

The Provenza Q-Stone tile selection comes in one contemporary size of 12x24 which is fitting with such a unique, contemporary design. This particular contemporary size makes this tile collection versatile for any type of project in any type of location. And to complete your project, there is a Bullnose trim option available to you to tie off your look seamlessly.
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