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Provenza In-Essence

Provenza In-Essence
Provenza In-Essence porcelain tile with unparalleled durability from this collection create a look and feel of history. The appearance of the tiles hints at a well-worn past marked by tools, tinted with the stains and patina of time, possessing the dignified air of an ancient Mediterranean landmark which weathered the trials of antiquity with imperturbable grace. In-Essence echoes elegance where it is placed whether home or office.

We offer two exquisite options in this line: In-Essence Noce Ossidata and Quercia Ossidata. Both bring you to the seaside. In the oxidized walnut appearance of the Noce Ossidata tiles, you see dark, cool wood tones. Like the early morning light shining through the window of an Italian resort, this tile is glamorous but relaxed. It holds a lure that is neither overstated nor commonplace. In-Essence Quercia Ossidata, literally, oxidized oak, is brightly sunlit cousin of Noce Ossidata in appearance. This tile is the perfect addition to a room designed to live luminously with a floor as radiant as sun striking the white stucco of a Mediterranean village at midday. Bright, airy, and romantic, this durable tile is an ideal escape. Rectified edges give both varieties polished and clean lines. The blending of clean lines and distressed wood makes the old new. These tiles represent the post-card perfect version of a holiday abroad.

Providing the finest quality in reclaimed chic flooring options, Provenza Ceramiche In-Essence is appropriate for homes or businesses seeking high style tile solutions. Noce Ossidata and Quercia are available in 6
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