Provenza W-Age

Provenza W-Age
Provenza W-Age porcelain tile flooring mimics the authentic details of trunks from various species. You can choose from 4 wood look porcelain tiles that cross the color and design spectrum. The knots, grain and intricate textures of solid hardwoods are readily apparent in the four available tile sizes.

This wide selection gives designers the flexibility to meet different design needs for various clients with a single collection. In general, a porcelain floor with broad tiles in a light color makes a room seem more open. Conversely, a narrower tile in darker shades creates a more inviting feel. Our flooring specialists are happy to suggest design concepts that match your square footage, design theme and budget.

What are the benefits of wood look porcelain tile compared to solid hardwoods? The surface is easy to clean and more resistant to stains, scratches and moisture damage. Budget conscious clients can also achieve stunning effects within their budget. You can install this collection in rooms with all levels of foot traffic. This includes bathroom floors, where porcelain has long been a favorite surface.

Consider W-Age Heartwood to create a stately ambience that matches brass fixtures or other design elements. Dark brown fabrics and glass enclosed walk in showers each complement this neutral tone. For a more weather worn look, turn to W-Age Cortex. The effects of wind, water and sun are seen in the cross cut color variations.

You can create a stark or subtle contrast based on the design needs. For instance, cream colored drapes and beige fabrics are visually striking, while dark browns and blacks complement this tone. Looking for a more earthy tone? W-Age Ring is an ideal choice with greenish brown accents that show distinct veining from different vantage points. Whatever the choice, you will enjoy uncommon beauty with the practical benefits of an easy to clean and durable surface.

Ready to learn more or order Provenza W-Age porcelain tile flooring? Please call our in house team for square footage quotes and shipping estimates.

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