Mohawk Aladdin Footpath

Mohawk Aladdin Footpath
The Aladdin Footpath collection brings to you luxury vinyl flooring that will elevate your commercial space. The vinyl planks provide additional benefits that hardwood cannot while also exercising the same gorgeous aesthetic. Aladdins collection is completely full of color and enigmatic choices that will engineer a luxury commercial space ripe for customer and personal satisfaction.

Footpath brings a massive benefit to your commercial space when it comes to floors that can tackle tough obstacles. With thick mil layer options, this collection from Aladdin offers inert waterproof technology to protect your flooring and to create ultimate durability. This allows for installation where natural hardwood floors typically cannot be installed, such as the bathroom and other areas throughout the leasing space where water is going to likely spill.

The Aladdin Footpath collection brings plank sizes of 7.5 x 52 inches to the table. With extra wide planks, the patterns are sure to stand out due to the craftsmanship and dedication and hours of research poured into the product. Flooring features an enhanced urethane finish along with a 4.2mm gauge. Aladdin has also made the installation process easy for the Footpath collection. Flooring is installed via a floating Uniclic method that creates an effortless process. This should eliminate any concerns over the installation process.

There are 24 different options and 12 different colors in the Footpath collection for your commercial space. Each offers a different mil layer of 12 or 20 depending on how thick you choose your floor to be. They both offer excellent waterproof protection for a long-lasting quality floor.

Amtico is a classic light brown colored vinyl. It has the timeless appearance of a classic wood that will create a standard look for your commercial space.

Autumn Gold is a gold that is a spectacle with grains of multi-faceted coloring overshadowing it. Its got a unique appearance that will stand out.

Barnwood is an aged light brown wood. The weathered appearance features some gorgeous dark grains to go along with it.

Biloba is a light colored blonde in the collection. This vinyl has swirling grains that give it a mesmerizing appearance.

Burberry is a beige colored vinyl with exceptional grains running mostly parallel with some extended variations to really paint a wonderful image.

Charsleton is a medium brown that features knots in addition to parallel running grains. This is another rather neutral selection in the collection.

Dove Tail is a white that flutters with majesty. Its an elegant grain with superior grains that create a level of class an elegance unmatched.

Kodiak is like a picture that will last a lifetime beneath your feat. This medium brown is filled with grains and offers a clean, consistent look throughout.

Moon Stone is one small step for vinyl and one giant step for mankind. Its glowing white color with speckles of grains throughout give off the appearance of the moon.

A look straight from the porches of an old farmhouse, Prairie is an aged wood with knots and grains in a mixture of gray and light brown with subtle hints of blonde.

Quartz Stone is a vinyl that looks like luxury stone. A blueish gray stone with subtle brown rays make a charming choice.

Silver Fox is a neutral option that is a sand-colored beige with grains that keeps a true look across the planks.

Aladdins Footpath offers a variety of warranties. Included are limited 25-year and 30-year light residential warranties. Also included is a limited 10-year light commercial warranty. These warranties guarantee the quality and attention to detail the luxury vinyl floors are designed with.
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