Mohawk Aladdin Grass Valley

Mohawk Aladdin Grass Valley
The Aladdin Grass Valley collection redefines the norm by having a collection that mixes different materials and styles. There are eleven types of wood mixed with three stones. The Grass Valley collection from Aladdin offers a range of unique artistic expressions to choose from.

The planks in this collection are 8 inch x 48 inch size and come with a wear layer thickness of 20 mil. When it comes to installation, planks can be installed using the glue down method.

The floors are FloorScore certified, so you can trust that these floors are safe for you and good for the environment. FloorScore is an independent certification program that tests and certifies hard surface flooring and the materials that they are made with in order to ensure that they meet stringent indoor air quality emissions.

The Grass Valley collection comes with a limited ten year light commercial warranty and a limited twenty-five year residential warranty.

The Collection

The collection comes in a variety of different colors to choose from that are sure to fit with any interior design style. From warm blondes to marbled designs and stunningly rich mid-tone browns, the Grass Valley collection has a diverse offering when it comes to vinyl flooring styles.

Natural Cherry is a stunning, neutral flooring option. This is the perfect blonde floor for a kitchen, living room. Or even bedroom area. A blend of light blonde tones and mid-tone browns, this floor adds a calm and relaxed feeling to a space. For a darker version of this floor, consider Natural Mahogany. With more rich, mid-tone browns throughout this floor, its rich and bold appearance adds some character to a space. Toasted Oak is a rustic and sophisticated looking floor. It is a blend of dark, rich browns and dusty greys that come together for a flooring look that is unique. This floor is a great option for a home office, den, or formal living room area. Dark Greige is full of dark, rich browns that blend together with lighter browns. This is a flooring option that adds a dramatic affect to a space.

When it comes to grey flooring options, the Grass Valley collection has a variety of options to choose from. Some of the grey floors are marbled such as Stippled Gray, Warm Gray, and Gray Matter. Silver Oak is a blend of light and dark greys. This is a great backdrop for a more minimalistic interior design style or a more contemporary space. Good Gray is a unique grey flooring option. It is a blend of darker shades of greys. Lastly, there us Gray Mahogany. This unique flooring option is a blend of light greys, dark greys, and browns.

White Pine is the only light and bright white flooring option in the collection. It has a rustic yet very modern appearance to it. Natural Oak is a blend of light browns and light whites that has a slightly warmer appearance to it than White Pine.

See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To check out more collections from Aladdin Vinyl, click here.

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