Mohawk Aladdin Familiar Frontier Plus

Mohawk Aladdin Familiar Frontier Plus
The Aladdin Familiar Frontier Plus collection presents you with luxury vinyl flooring that will transcend your commercial space. These planks bring to you benefits that hardwood cannot while also boasting the same exquisite aesthetic. The floors that Aladdin offers are full of color and unique choices that will leave you with a great looking office and leasing space.

Familiar Frontier Plus offers complete waterproof technology to protect your floors. Natural hardwood floors dont offer the same protection, which means you can take this wood look throughout your commercial space and install it in areas where water is prevalent. This means a consistent look can be kept throughout with the luxury vinyl being an option for bathrooms and other such spaces.

The Aladdin Familiar Frontier Plus offers plank sizes of 6 x 48 inches. There is a 6 mil wear layer thickness that helps protect your floors from water damage as well as a commercial urethane finish to give it the right look. Installation has also been made easy by Aladdin with multiple options to install these floors. Options range from glue down to a floating method. It creates for an efficient process.

There are 14 options in the Familiar Frontier Plus collection for your commercial space. Each offers wonderful colors and exquisite grains that really stand out to create an authentic hardwood look for the office. With several options, you will be able to select the right commercial flooring.

Anchor is extreme with its grains in a light brown to dark brown format. There are so many grains at the surface it creates a unique look that will stand out with longer planks.

Burlywood is a light brown wood with grains that create nice patterns. This has a traditional look that will really accent other colors.

Castle Rock is a rich, dark brown with light grains that add a cool contrast. This floor is awe-inspiring with the patterns it will create.

Cornsilk is a soft yellow or corn-colored vinyl with an appeal that is perfect for a commercial space. These floors will look well in any leasing space with plenty of windows to amplify the look of natural light upon the floors.

Drumhill is a white textured vinyl with grains that provide character throughout. Its a marvelous floor that will complement other colors very well.

Gainsboro provides shades of gray with minimal grains compared to others in the collection. This has a real clean look that will provide nice shading throughout multiple planks.

Hazeltnut is a light brown with grains that run vertical paralleled to each other. Its another grainy floor in the Aladdin Familiar Frontier Plus collection.

Linen has shades of cream, gray, and pink with splotchy grains and patterns. This floor has a look of elegance to it.

Parchment is an interesting light blond with large weathered streaks in the middle. Its a tremendous aged look that adds a level of sophistication to the collection.

Saddle Brown has no rhyme or reason but it gives off vibes of a delicious chocolate chip cookie. A light brown with rich chocolate colored grains run all over the place.

Sepia has a classic look with darker browns and various shades creating a beautiful hardwood aesthetic. This floor has a nice grainy touch to it as well.

Shelburne is a beige color that has strips of black grains running parallel followed by various grains that create an aging look.

Sienna is a chestnut colored luxury vinyl with dark patterns and swirls. This vinyl also maintains some warmth to it.

Storm Cloud looks exactly like its name. Its gray with dark grains that look as if the eye of the storm is about to make landfall.

Aladdins Frontier Familiar Plus collection comes with a limited 10-year light commercial warranty. There is also a limited 25-year light commercial warranty as well. This ensures your floors are built to last and will meet the superior standards Aladdin and you hold for them.
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