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COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced

COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced
The COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced collection combines COREtec technology with the stunning colors of this collection that range from cherry brown to ashy greys.

The COREtec core structure makes COREtec planks that are 100% waterproof, kidproof, and petproof. These planks are made with advanced technology in order to guarantee that they are able to be protected from everyday wear and tear. The wear layer on these planks protects against wear and stains. These planks never need to be sanded, polished, sealed, or refinished in order to remain in good shape.

The COREtec Core Structure allows for planks that are waterproof, easy to install, rigid, and stable. The waterproof planks are guaranteed to not warp or buckle. With a secure angle tap system, these planks dont need glue or nails in order to be installed. A rigid core eliminates the waves and ripples caused by uneven subfloors. With a stable core these planks wont expand or contract under normal conditions.

Planks are 7 inches wide and 48 inches in length. Planks can be installed using the float method or direct glue and can be installed on, above, or below grade.

The collection comes with a limited lifetime residential warranty and a fifteen year limited heavy commercial warranty.

The Collection

The COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced collection comes in a range of seventeen colors to choose from. The collection is an array of browns, greys, and unique blends of colors that make a statement.

When it comes to grey flooring options, this collection has quite a few options to pick from. Conway Oak is a blend of different grey hues. Dark grey blends together with light grey to create a floor that is light and contemporary. Nicola Oak is a blend of light grey with a slightly darker grey tone to it. This floor would be stunning in an open space with a lot of lighting. Both of these grey flooring options would pair well with neutral furniture. Flint Oak is a blend of ash grey with darker tones of grey throughout. The contrast of the two colors is bold and makes a statement. This floor feels sophisticated yet contemporary and relaxed. Whether a kitchen, living room, or dining area, these floors can complement a space well and make it open and inviting. A bridge between grey and brown, there is Preston Ash. Preston Ash is a blend of brown and grey hues. This unique blend is perfect for adding some character to a space while keeping a neutral overall palette color.

The light browns in this collection are absolutely stunning. Pembroke Pine is a warm blend of browns and yellows with slight hints of grey throughout. Elster Oak is a similar flooring option to Pembroke Pine with a slightly dark hue to it. Edinburgh Oak has an overall warm hue to it. A warm brown with a blend of yellows and blonde throughout, this flooring option has an overall warm and inviting appearance to it. Portchester Oak is a blend of warm medium brown tones and light blonde and grey hints, this floor is elegant yet rustic. This is perfect for those looking for a more contemporary floor that still has a rustic appearance to it.

In terms of darker flooring options, this collection offers a variety of stunning brown flooring. Lancaster Bamboo is the darkest flooring option in the collection. A bold, rich, chocolatey brown, this floor makes a statement in a space. Rocca Oak is a warm medium brown flooring option. A blend of light brown and dark brown hues with knots throughout, this floor is warm, rustic, and inviting. Kendal Bamboo is a stunning cherry brown. A warm hue, this floor is perfect for creating an inviting feeling in a space. Bradford Bamboo is another stunning cherry brown, however, it is light in a appearance with hints of yellow throughout. This creates a floor that has more of an overall rustic appearance to it.

See something from this collection that you love? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. For more flooring options from COREtec Plus, be sure to check out their other vinyl flooring options here.

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