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COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced

COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced
The COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced collection is made up of ultra-realistic vinyl flooring that is perfect for handling high-traffic areas. With exceptional durability, these floors can withstand everyday wear and tear. This makes it a great option for areas that get more traffic and are susceptible to spills, stains, and scratches. The COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced planks come with Armourbead technology that offers astounding performance so that these floors are able to handle whatever is thrown at them.

The floors are also incredibly easy to clean, so maintenance is not an issue.

Floors can be installed above, on, or below grade. The floors are fast and easy to install and can be installed over existing hard surface floors.

The Collection

The COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced collection is made up of twelve colors to choose from. The collection is made up of a range of color options from warm browns to soothing, contemporary greys.

There are three grey flooring options in this collection. Bombay Oak is a blend of light grey with dark grey knots and weathering throughout. The knots and weathering give this floor a worn and rustic appearance to it. The color keeps the floor feeling contemporary in appearance and due to the lightness of the grey it helps to open up a space. Dublin Pine is a light and contemporary grey flooring option. A blend of light greys and blonde hues, this floor is sleek, warm, and inviting. Lima Oak is a medium tone grey floor. It has the same kind of rustic feel that Bombay Oak has to it. The floor is weathered and inviting with a design that resembles the appearance of real hardwood flooring.

Capetown Maple and Brussels Oak are both calming, blonde vinyl flooring options. Both of the flooring options have a sandy appearance to them. Blended with slightly grey hues, these floors are soothing and inviting. Capetown Maple have an overall slightly darked appearance to it than Brussels Oak.

On the warmer end of the color spectrum there is Cairo Oak and Berlin Pine. Both flooring option are a warm, medium brown. Cairo Oak is a blend of yellows and medium browns. The combination of the two hues creates a flooring option that is rustic, warm, and inviting. This flooring option pairs well with contemporary home décor. Berlin Pine is warm, slightly darker brown flooring option. This is perfect for adding some darker tones to a space while still keeping it open and light.

When it comes to darker tones in this collection, there are a variety to choose from. Santiago Hickory is a dark brown flooring option. A blend of slight greys, chocolatery brown, medium browns, and ashy browns, this floor is bold and makes a statement in a space. Pair this floor with black home décor for even more of a pop to the interior design of a space. Sydney Oak has an overall rustic appearance to it. This flooring option blends together light and dark browns. With knots and weathering throughout this floor appears rustic and worn, adding character to a space. Jakarta Hickory has an overall soothing appearance to it. Light brown blends together with hints of grey to create a flooring option that is calming and warm. Suva Oak is a darker grey flooring option. This floor has a sophisticated appearance to it that adds character to a space. Madrid Oak is a stunning blend of blonde and light, medium brown. This blend creates a sophisticated and sleek contemporary floor that is sure to elevate any space.

See something from this collection that you love? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. For more flooring options from COREtec Plus, be sure to check out their other vinyl flooring options here.

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