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Shaw Contract Solitude

Shaw Contract Solitude

The Shaw Solitude collection is made up of luxury vinyl tiles that resemble natural, hardwood flooring. This luxury vinyl tile flooring is FloorScore certified and has a stamp of approval from the Environmental Product Declaration. FloorScore is the most recognized indoor air quality certification for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underpayments. In order to be FloorScore certified, flooring must undergo testing at an accredited lab. The Environmental Product Declaration communicates transparent and comparable information about a product’s life-cycle environmental impact.

In terms of installation this vinyl tile flooring can be installed using the glue down method. This flooring is designed for easy installation and maintenance. Vinyl tiles can be installed in a number of different designs. Here are the different ways:

Monolithic Installation Method: All the tiles go in one direction.

Brick Installation Method: Each row of carpet tiles are off-set by half of the tile’s width. This creates a pattern that looks similar to brick.

Ashlar Installation Method: Each column of carpet tiles is offset by half a tile, which creates a vertical brick-like pattern.

Herringbone Installation Method: This pattern is produced from alternating rows of strip flooring.

Stagger Installation Method: This method gives floors a more fluid and uniform look. The staggering of the planks is at random.

The Collection

The Shaw Solitude collection is made up of twelve stunning colors to choose from. From light browns to deep dark vinyl flooring, this collection offers it all. Planks come in a size of 6 in x 48 in with a 20 mil wear layer in this collection. A polish-optional finish can be added on planks in order to reduce the cost of annual maintenance. The collection has four stunning brown flooring options to choose from. Natural is a bright and light brown vinyl flooring option. It will blend perfectly with neutral furniture in a space and make a space feel more open and inviting. Cocoa is a medium brown flooring option that can pair well with a modern and minimalistic space. Mink is a blend of light and dark browns with knots throughout. The variety of colors blended together give this vinyl flooring option the appearance of real hardwood flooring. Urban Ash is a medium to dark brown flooring option that has more of a rustic feel to it. Char is the darkest color in the flooring collection. A beautiful blend of dark and light grey, this flooring option is bold and makes a statement. Cottonwood is a light floor that is almost white in appearance. A blend of light brown and light grey, this floor is minimal and sleek in appearance. Pewter is a unique flooring option in the collection. It is a blend of greys that give it an overall icy appearance. French Grey is a blend of subdued medium browns and warm greys. This collection is full of variety within these beautifully made vinyl floors.

See a vinyl tile flooring option in the Shaw Solitude collection that would be perfect for your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to the Shaw Solitude collection or flooring in general.

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